Random Thoughts

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 25, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I know, we all daydream at some point. We just hope the boss is looking the other way, or he is out at lunch. I have to say that I have random thoughts rolling through my noggin, and I can’t get them out…..

How many chances will P. Val get, and what does a permanent ban mean? I thought he was out of California when he shaved off all of his body hair, and went on a hide and go seek venture. I guess this was like when Dean Wermer put Delta house on double secret probation…. What message does this send? Will this help the younger riders follow the rules?  I guess it will benefit somebody other than P. Val, but I don’t know who it is…. I am mad to be honest, and we can just count this as number 4,234 and just go on. When the game is under scrutiny, and the rules are watched like a hawk, we let offenders come and go. What is next? What if he breaks the rules again?  – If you are reading this, and you are fan of other sports, I guess you think racing is a joke. Pete Rose is not in the H.O.F, and McGuire’s stock has dropped more than a fat man in the deep end of the pool.  What is next? I am mad as hell, and we’ll give him just one more chance….

Why won’t we pony up the monies to get the two best gal runners in generations to throw down? Let’s make it so big it will be hard to put it aside. I think we should not only make it about the money, but make it an advertising event that all tracks take part. A half an hour prior to the race, all races stop, and we focus with a national program. It will draw huge ratings, and finally we will get the numbers that racing is deserving. We need heroes, and we need them now. If it is to be the Breeders’ Cup, I think we should assemble the best, and find a way for them to be there from all over the world. Fly them in, put ’em up, and treat them like stars. This is a rare chance to take the stage and get our 15 minutes. Let’s jump in…. What do we have to lose???

Kentucky is in worse shape than expected. How can we let the Thoroughbred Capitol of the world fall? We need more than ever to assemble the sharpest minds and make this work. This past summer, Monmouth Park has drawn a blueprint. Instant Racing is coming to help the purse structure. Kentucky needs to market the game to more than just the beer drinking crew. Let’s not forget about the built in demo that exists. Let’s not count them out… They are there, and we better treat them right… We can always have $1 beer and bands after the races. Treat our most valued customers like stars. Let’s use customer service for more than just a dirty word. Let’s reach down deep and make the best of any opportunity in Kentucky we get. Please put away the “I can’t” sign and become a doer. A standing eight count has been given, and we better shake this off. Time is short, and we better make hay. Instant Racing will be here soon, and we better find a way to make it work…… Let’s grow our sport. Don’t give up just yet, and treat this as a last chance. It very well might be….