Bad Streaks

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 18, 2010 in Educational Articles, General Discussion | No Comments >>

Frustrated GamblerIt seems like yesterday I was so on fire that they couldn’t put me out with the ocean…… But that was last week… I don’t know which wagering god I have angered, but I am truly sorry….

Some call it snake-bit, others call it a cold streak, and for me it is like living in the land of soup armed with a fork.

I bet a Pick Four, and I will get three. It doesn’t matter, I can get three 99-1’s to roll home by many, and I can’t get a 1-9 shot in a three horse field.  I am on,  and that is the worst of the punishment. If I was dead out, I could call it a day and watch with a cautious eye.  I don’t know what is worse. To be picking ice cold runners, and the data looks like alien script, or be so close that you could guess your defeat by the length of an ink pen.

I find myself watching and waiting at this point. I feel for me it is the only way to pick my spot. I could go tapped on an undercard race, and have nothing for that 4-1 in the feature that rolls down the lane easy. If you find yourself lost in the fog, or can’t find the light, just be patient. This too shall pass….

I have been here a million times before, and it does let up. Just like the rain, just when you think it is safe to go out…here comes the clouds.

So, as the big Chicago weekend approaches, and the other tracks that offer big marquee races open their doors, just wait.  It may be tough to give up a winner or two, but there is no magic potion in the world that will cure your ills.  Be patient…..