Details, Details…

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 24, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

How many times have you wanted to know more? You know, you have a question about some runners at your favorite track and you are greeted by a customer service person, who is trying to take care of your problem like you are calling in a pizza complaint. We have the technology, and we must use it.

First – I think we need an area, or multiple areas where players can go and watch replays. No charge, and do some on-track trip handicapping. There are some tracks that offer a few kiosks, but we need more. You need to be able to access the race history, and have it at hand.

Second – With the advent of 10-cent wagers, we need to have special windows or self-bet terminals that specialize in these wagers. It was 4 minutes to post, and I was 3rd in line. I was shut out due to a person making these wagers. They are great, but they can be time consuming. They are popular, but they do take time. I play them, and sometimesĀ I know I have closed out other players. Let’s have special windows that are marked as 10-cent windows, and players know the place they can go to get them on. I would like this move, and I have taken multiple complaints on folks being shut out. What do you think? We could make them the Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-6, and multi-race windows with your best personnel ready to handle the wager volume.

Third – I feel we could offer a “mail-room” type place where players could come up and order the brand of tipsheet or data they wish to view from a clerk. How nice would it be to come to the track and not have to worry about having your info? They could download it right there, and I would pay a nominal printing fee to have it in hand. There could also be computers where players could keep an account, or have a pay-by-the minute. They could check out their stables, and update any changes to their data. We live in a computer world, and can anyone remember what it was like to be without one? Or worse, without your phone….. They could cash checks, make credit cards advances, and have a real question area; not to hold up lines or burden clerks to be the know it all person.

Fourth – All tracks should offer out a live to your phone update of results and payouts. There could even be live races in your hand. Wagering on the go 24 / 7… We live in a world where 90% of all wagering on your favorite track comes from off-track sources. It used to be the other way around, but that was long ago.

I know some of these things exist. We need to be better, faster, and more accurate. Give it to them. How many times have you caught your cohort looking over his fantasy football players during lunch? We need to make it easy online, and when players come to the track, they need access to the world. In many ways the racetrack has made incredible strides. But, in many ways they are in the caveman days. Just make the investment, and see where it goes… I like the idea of showing up late, and being able to download my favorite data. It could even be a fan reward by allowing them to download data for free. They pay the fees to the service, but it would be free to be able get it on the go….Just think…. We could have it all at our fingertips. It is there, and we must find a way to bring it closer.