Is It Over?

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 31, 2010 in General Discussion, Other Events | 5 Comments >>

Rachel Alexandra

Rachel Alexandra in 2009 Kentucky Oaks

This past Saturday gave us a glimpse of greatness that has passed. The talk is starting to roll, and even the professionals are questioning the motives of Rachel Alexandra.

Andy Beyer was quoted in the Washington Post as saying that “her glory days are over.” The Personal Ensign Stakes showed us that she will continue to give her best. I know that the streak, or the roll cannot live forever… But, there does come a time that things do end….

She was Horse of the Year, and beat the males in the Woodward. She gave us exciting action, and did it like very few others could. But it is over… Wouldn’t you like to see her babies for years to come?  I sure would, and it hurts me to watch her give her all and it gets a little less each time. She is special, and it is time to head into the shed as a champion….

I wanted to see her run in the Breeders’ Cup against Zenyatta. I couldn’t wait, and this may have been the best since Affirmed and Alydar. She was gold, and glimmered in the sunlight like a fine gem. But, it is over…. If you want what is best for the game, then you you would hope she retires, and we can all say that we were glad we saw her. We watched with gaping mouths as Calvin Borel did magical things aboard this lady. She danced on the ovals like a ballerina, and her grace was unlike no other. But, it is over……

There comes a time in every athlete’s life when you hang it up. How many times have we seen humans stick around too long?  We don’t want it to turn into the Brett Favre show, where we wonder if she is going to hang it up. I can say that I saw her. I will remember her for my life as a racing fan…. But, it is over and I think we all know it…..