Pigskins and Ponies

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 4, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

For a gambler who loves football, this can be a tough time of the year. You are torn between two lovers, and sometimes you can make a bad call trying to do too much.. Here is a suggestion to get your action on, and still keep your hair from falling out!

Horse Racing

This time of year is great. There are some cool opportunities, and every weekend is focused toward bigger races. I like to follow a simple formula. Select the top 15 races you would like to play. Now, tune it down to 8 races…. Then, you take your best three, and make your daily plays. I know this sounds crazy, but I talk to many who love to follow the ponies, but also like the season of football. If this does not apply to you, just go about your usual playing.

Many players try to do both, and before you know it you have missed out on that play you were waiting for, and you attempt too much. This application of throttling down also allows you to look deeper into your plays. So, in a sense, football can have you watching your races more closely. That can never be a bad thing…..

I would keep this rule of thumb, and attempt to make it part of your schedule until you reach Breeders’ Cup, and at that time, all bets are off as this is the Super Bowl of racing. There is a reason that the lines for sports are located in the DRF. It is popular, and it becomes incredibly difficult to do both. It is put in there by Vegas books to entice you, and keep you informed. The read is good, but keep it in perspective.


This is easy…. Just do the same as the races, and you will enjoy both. I have no real team or division┬áto follow, but common sense always plays. Just keep your focus on the ponies. They run all year long, and football is a season…. But, the “wagering gods” say have a good time, and bet with your head and not over it!

Good luck this season, and I hope to see you more at the track than on your couch.