Fan Fun

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 15, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Wouldn’t you like to make your day at the races more exciting? The little things go a long way, and we need to mimic NASCAR, the NBA, NFL, and a host of others to make our bucks in these tough times.

How about having a weekend handicapping seminar with trainers and riders? They can tell you how the track is playing, which horses look good, and if they have anything in that day… Wouldn’t you go? I sure would, and I work there…..

Let’s allow the tech-savvy texters to have a direct line with the jocks. They can use a track-based system that monitors and protects the integrity of the game, and chases down bad language. Give them more access…. People love it…

How about dinner with the owners and trainers? If there was a group of ten big-timers holding court for drinks and dinner, how many people would sign up, or be rewarded to sit in the room with Pletcher and talk shop?  Johnny Velasquez talking Derby, and where their career is going. Everone is a winner, and the jocks and trainers need the support of the fans that wager.

Every track has 50 pairs of Breeders’ Cup tickets to draw for on marquee days. Make it a “members only” for your players, and it wll drive interest to join the club. Do the same for the Triple Crown and major races. Who would you rather have in the seats? Buffy and Jody who don’t bet squat, or proven players who move the bottom line? ¬†Easy answer.

Do more with our retired champion riders. You can have them speak or mingle in a room set aside for 200 big players, who would love autographs, and the chance to chat. The big answer is rewarding the real stars of the game, the players….

All in all, we need to put away the kiddie rides and focus on the big kids. Vegas did it, and we need to look out for our valuable stars….. If we don’t, we will regret our lack of action…..