Change of Plans

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 22, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Have you ever just passed by that last stop on your way just to go sit in the park, or better yet head off to the track? Well, I know someone that did… He was a crack salesman who was on top of his game… He skipped his last sales stop, and came out to the races. It was his best move of the week, and it turned out to be his last one as well…..

Bob was driven.. He was “A” grade, and proud of it… He drove a sweet car, and made the money we all think we are deserving. He lost his marriage to his job, and many friends along the way. His desk was his car, and he could access the universe and be ready in a second. This was Bob; until that day he turned on a dime and changed his course.

He came into the track during the week. It was his usual to be a weekend warrior, but he was there on this day… He told me he felt lucky, and it was better than going to work. This was rare, as he put his job above all else. But not on this day. He was a just a regular shmoe who left the tie in the car, and had on his shades with a cold beer in hand. He looked pretty happy. But, sometimes we do not get to see everyone at the end of the day.

I was told the next day that he had pulled into his condo driveway, and had a massive heart attack. They could tell he had been to the track as his DRF was still on the seat beside him. He spent those last hours doing what he loved. Bob was only 49 years of age, and seemed to enjoy life. I hated to hear about the bad news of the passing of a good guy, but his outgoing box was empty on this day.  He put everything on, and came down and had a few beers with his buddies. Little did he know, it would be his last… His two pals told me he was buying all day, and that was not his usual character. Nothing bothered him, and the barmaid said he left a $10 spot at the end of the day.  He was happy, and not a care in the world for a fella that took work so seriously. Did he know? Did he feel ill? We’ll never know, but one thing is for sure. Bob left doing what he enjoyed, and spending more time at the office or on a sales call would have been a waste of those last precious hours of life….. So long, Bob…. Good knowing you……

I take things from everyone I see. Some of it is good, and other times it is not what to do…. For this guy, I take away the important things. He put it all on the back burner, and spent his final few hours being happy. A lesson we can all take with us as we travel and hurry through our daily grind….