Back To The Grind

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 12, 2010 in General Discussion, Handicapping | 1 Comment >>

I can feel the winds of winter rolling around the mountain. The days of big races have fallen by the wayside. We ran the races, and tallied the score. It is about this time of the year, that I begin playing two circuits. I start looking forward to Florida and the promise of the dream all over again.

Right now, I always play the “Big A” all winter long and look for biases that hold about 90% of the time.

I will play the Fairgrounds soon, and then only New York and Florida. When Gulfstream opens the doors, the tracks stay at just these two. Before you argue California, they are just like the rest of the world, and rest the big boys and run the second and third stringers. But, that doesn’t mean there won’t be no more winning. Even though, the winter has been my scoring time.

I want you to pick your ten best bets this weekend. Then pick your best four.  Now, cut back one race, and make it three on the day. Start the first, and bet it all on the second, and round all of that cabbage up, and bet it on the last. Then do this for about 4 months, and then let me know how you did this past winter and what the final tally would be for your wallet.

Now, get off the wagon of playing huge plays and focus on what gets you there each year. I enjoyed the Breeders’ Cup, but it is over, and so is betting big multi-race exotics. I do a few, but stick to what carries you every day.

I start my medium range “place parlays.” Then start rolling, and then you move to large bankroll builders. I like to find runners with a barn history at a meet, and look for runners on the drop as claimers are thinning their numbers.