Why Not?

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 15, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Why is it that certain things can’t happen? I don’t think it is as much as things n0t changing, compared to adjusting our perceptions. Think about it and ask why not?

Why can’t tracks drop their takeout to a blended rate, and all states abide? If they do this, then players will know about racing, what the edge, cost, or expense will be. For most, they don’t really pay attention to the rate. They only get mad when the exacta they had pays $20, and it really should have been about $10 higher. Then they wonder what is going on…..We should make tracks a deal. Do the rate change, and we won’t ask how much breakage you have.  And why is it not posted? You know, the little pennies and nickles that are left over after the breakdown of odds and payoffs.

Every track could have a REAL customer service department… Now, I want you to stop laughing. How about a large accessible office where you have two or three staff. They can rove, and talk to players. They can handle service disputes, and they can educate fans… Don’t let them do anything else, and don’t give them busy work. They will get to know your patron base, and allow you to understand firsthand how to better serve and prepare.

Jockeys that are not riding in a race should make 2-3 appearances per evening in a large media hall (security included). This will allow players the ability to communicate, and get to know the game. For the bitching and moaning of many riders, wouldn’t it be good business as individual contractors to get to know the people? Aw, hell…. There may be a few people who bitch. But, this is racing, and we do it every day. This will allow local riders a chance to know more about the business, and we could learn more about the sport.

Why not? Why not try something new, and appeal to a new level of player while preparing for the present……