Talking Horses

by Ed Meyer

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Ed Meyer

Ed Meyer

There is nothing better than a little shop talk for players. I really enjoy learning about the game from industry professionals. Be sure to tune in each and every Thursday to “Winning Ponies” at 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST, and follow along as we dive into racing, and have special guests that bring insight and answers.

This was the question posed to me by a friend. He asked me if I enjoyed doing the weekly radio shows with WinningPonies. The short answer would the same as the long explanation… Yes….

I enjoy hearing from riders about what it was like, and the things they faced on the big days; the trainers, and how they bring a runner along months ahead of time to peak like a fine tuned athlete. This sent me down memory lane, and here are a few people that stand out in my mind as special guests on our show:

John Engelhardt - Of all of the guests I have spoke with, this man has been on the most. John holds a very prestigious office with the TPA, and he is recognized and respected by the biggest names in racing. We always handicap the big days, and he brings a unique flare to the table. Great photographer by the way, and he will be writing a new book soon….

Tyler Picklesimer – I have had Tyler on a few times. He has been a long time friend, and will be making the big decisions in racing. He is young, energetic, and respected. His professional ideals will change the landscape of racing. He is honest, and cares about the survival of the sport. I wouldn’t ask him if you didn’t want the real truth.

Ramon Dominguez – This man was a gent. He is so talented, and we would hard pressed not to enjoy his ability. I about fell off my chair when I asked him about leading at the 70-yard mark in the Classic, and then get inhaled by the big filly. He sounded angry, and even though it was months prior, the race was just run ten seconds prior for him…. Good guy, and he got bested at the wire on Breeders’ Cup Day. Ramon will be a name we will always mention as one of the best during this time.

Jonathon Sheppard –  This man personifies class. He was a joy to speak with, and I really enjoyed hearing about his stable all week long as we talked off-air. He is still great, and you better think twice before leaving him off a ticket when he is on the turf.

Pat Day – Have you ever met someone who made you feel better just by chatting with them? I felt cleaner just talking to a man who turned his life around greatly. I was honored to speak with him, and enjoyed watching him ride. He never got nervous, and always held just a little bit more down the lane. This man has done more for racing than many, and I think he will always be there to help others.

John Shirreffs – Weeks away from racing history, and he took time to be with us. He was easy and cool, and told us special things about the mare that many would have not known. J.S. is a good man, and brings horses ready to run. I think he may be better than many think, and he will never admit it. He gave all of the credit away, and was thankful for just being a part of the team. I was glad he took the time, and for the first time we had a “60 Minutes” star as our special guest. Zenyatta was a star, and thank you for making her shine.

Kiaran McLaughlin - This man made me feel that we were friends for 30 years. He was informative, positive, and professional. Kiaran takes it all in stride, and has his ducks in a row. He is the kind of man who can will things to happen. He has handled adversity in his life, and will continue to be a force on the track.

Marty McGee – He is a talented writer, and a great guy… He takes time away to be with us, and if you go back, you can hear the hurt in his voice about Kentucky racing. He wants it to grow and flourish, and knows all of the behind the scenes truths. When he is on, listen up!   Marty knows the game, and if you like Kentucky racing, he is a wealth of knowledge.

Andy Beyer – This was an evening for me. I have read all of his books, and followed his writings for years. His figures have changed the game, and speaking with him took me back to an old professor that knew the answer before the question was posed. His measured tone, and glimpse into his style was worth the price of admission for me. He will be one of the most intelligent people I have ever chatted with about racing.

Please don’t forget Dangerous Dan and The Cincinnati Kid, calling in and giving out winners. For many, they might sound like you. Well, they are…. That is the best part of the calls, as they represent the everyday player, and the things that move them. Both are tough, and are worth listening to as they select their runners.

Funny thing, the guests sometimes run into problems at the last minute, and seeing the media dog work for many years, they have been known to duck out. I enjoy the getting to know them part, and try and ask a few questions that hopefully you may ask. For the few that have backed out, or opted out for a last minute reason, you can rest assured we will try and get them back. Drop us a line, and let us know who you want to hear.

May your winners be many, and your photos be few!  And we’ll see you in the winner’s circle soon.. Good luck, everyone!

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