The Word On The Street

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 3, 2011 in General Discussion, Other Events | 2 Comments >>

Walking around the track every Saturday will give you a very unique perspective around 4:00pm EST. That is when most of the big races on the east coast are going to post, and as usual, never to doubt. The arguments get better by the week….

First – The Fountain of Youth is about the start of “Derby Madness.”  Many said that Soldat looked like the real deal. To be able to run on so many surfaces, and versatile. Others thought the dawdling 3/4 in 12 and 2 looked pedestrian. What did he do? To Honor and Serve came in slowly, and didn’t have the winner’s circle at the top of his page. They seemed 50/50 if you are keeping score at home…. My vote is that the race came and went, but we didn’t see a world-beater type effort.

Second – The Hutcheson is a neat race going 7 panels. Believe it or not, many folks did like Flashpoint. They may have liked, but all did not bet…. He was almost 7-1. Travelin Man was the overwhelming favorite, and he will be listed as a beaten pup after this race. Many wondered if TM would find a better fire, and others felt he was a G-3 winner at best…. After all is said and done, I didn’t find a runner that looks headed to wear the roses.

It was a prep Saturday, and as usual many have opinions, and mostly they differ. But, put it in ink right now. I d0n’t think we have seen the best runner. I believe he has broken his maiden, and is getting better by the moment. Only the barn and the owners know just what they may have. If the pony is out there and leading the pack, I sure don’t see it, and you can make my odds 99-1 to start looking for four leaf clovers.