Value Player’s Dream

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 16, 2011 in General Discussion, Handicapping | No Comments >>

For the longest time, the issue of takeout has been addressed. I have worked at two tracks, and they would have rather taken a bullet than dropped the takeout. Things are already tough enough without taking food out of your own mouth. But, for the few tracks that ride into the face of adversity, the players take note, and more importantly make bets.

A few tracks that ring home would be Portland Meadows, and their industry low Pick-4 takeout of 14%. Most tracks are at 21%, and higher. If you have ever wagered at Jai Alai or Greyhound tracks, you will see it┬ásky high. But, Portland Meadows has grabbed the bull by the horns and tried something new. Instead of raising the existing cost, they will lower it and keep more money in the players’ pockets. The tracks do not want to see you lose. They make money on every dollar wagered. If you can get extra value, and keep cash in your pockets, you can play longer. Sounds like a no-brainer doesn’t it?

Hastings Park is jumping on board, and hopefully I will be able to take part in some wagers. I love value, and horse players seldom get any help. I have some friends that play this oval, and if they are going to move the button, I will focus in as well.

Ellis Park tried a daring 4% takeout once. It was awfully tough, and made it impossible to even cover costs. They had to ditch the basement takeout, but I applaud Ron Geary and his staff for making the jump. He really cares what players think, as he not only enjoys the sp0rt, he puts his money where his mouth is – he finished second by a whisker at the DRF/NTRA finals in Vegas this year. You gotta love a guy like this, and he and his son Mark are seen at some big contests, and they are a double tough duo…..

So, the message of the day is seek value, or go home. This is your game, and only wager where the player is heard. There are plenty of wonderful ADW sites that offer up value as well, and I will be giving you blast updates on where we can wager.

Best of luck !