Common Sense Lost as TVG Lets Talent Go

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 30, 2011 in General Discussion | 22 Comments >>

On-AirWhen I heard that TVG was letting some of the most talented on-air players leave through the backdoor, it was hard to believe.  In the beginning, it was silly and sophomoric. But it  evolved into a machine of entertainment and education. That is until now……

When you lose key people, you never know they are gone until you reach for the fruits of the labor and they are not there. That is the moment it becomes clear. Just when you had the audience in hand and they know what to expect, cut them back and run thin TV. The other hosts are talented, but they do not bring that handicapping knowledge and on-track analysis that makes playing the races fun. They had educated and entertained. Still, decisions have been made and it looks like we are heading into a channel that cracks zingers and talks about how pretty they looked at last nights party. This does not target the demographic. It may appeal to the MTV crowd, but what about the hardcore horse player ?

Bob Baedecker- Brought insight, and a humble opinion to the fans. He brought them closer, and would describe in great detail about how a horse was looking on track.  I can’t tell you how much info this brought to my attention. His cool comfortable way made you feel as if you were handicapping with a friend.

Chris Kotulak – Another perfect fit that has been sent to the showers ? Why ?? – He came across as a classy gent who knew the game. His smooth voice, and personality fit everyone. I can’t figure this out as well.  I think he will be calling races or find another gig doing what he does best.

Frank Lyons – The Irish-born horseman brought a unique insight. He played down the pretty boy image and came across as a stately man who knows the game.  I guess I will never hear another person describe a runner or trainer as one who is ” armed with a corkscrew in the land of soup.”  I guess they never got the message. This guy knew his stuff and played well with everyone.

Frank Mirahmahdi – This guy is a one man band. He can call the races and do it in a hundred voices. When he spoke in his own, I would hear the words of a veteran capper who would be wagering from noon until to 10 p.m. I wonder when the world will recognize his abilities as a race caller and turn him loose. I think he will land on his feet and entertain us for years to come. Talk about someone the younger generation could relate to. Frank was good, and if you doubt it, just dig up one of his patent calls. His capping ranks with the best.

I think we are back to fun and games, and the beautiful people can run the roost. I will miss the others, and more and more I will gravitate away from watching. I will tune in on computer and listen to others who know the ovals, and not how many shots they did last night. What a shame, I am sure next quarter they will see the difference. Many people tuned in as they had the perfect team. A little of this and a little of that. Magic to sum it up, now it is gone.