Dialed Up and Dialed In

Dialed In

Dialed In Wins the 2011 Florida Derby By a Nose

Well, I guess I am going to partly break a rule and lean in a direction. I had said wait until we see some of the other big preps before you buy your stock. Now I am really starting to lean, and it is the fault of a couple of nice runners.

The big dance, to me, may shape up to be a speedy affair and a stalkers paradise. But now I am looking for the runner who plays the ” Silky Sullivan” part. I see the winner getting a fast pace and hot clock to run into.

The track is always tuned up and it usually plays for speed leading up to the Derby. It is so perfect, and minus any bad weather, I see more of the same. This will be the year that we will want to find that closer begging for more ground, faster times, and at least three preps.

For me, I am playing the 24 furlong game. If a runner has not seen at least that, I am tending to look elsewhere. Call me an old timer, or just goofy, but I think after seeing the Florida Derby, we may have a glimpse of things to come:

Flashpoint – Here is a very nice G-2 and G-3 runner. Not just yet, but maybe for the future.

Soldat – If the fractions are slower like two back, and he is not hounded by others for the hook, he may be tough.  But that is asking a great deal.

To Honor and Serve – Honest effort, but just more pace.

Shackleford – Somebody forgot to tell Dale Romans he didn’t have a chance!  Gutsy effort from an excellent barn.

Dialed In – He was 8 – 8- 7 th by 3, and wins by head in the shadow of the wire. He sure looked good. That last race didn’t provide his pace, and he needed one. If he is not meant to win, he will be one of the cavalry running down the lane at Churchill Downs. Zito can get them ready and Julien is top-shelf. Team them up, and you better have them in your gimmicks.

Today provided a glipmse at not only a winner, but a possible pace scenario. I think you better start finding your runner now, as the big days are counting down.  In two weeks, we will be as ready as ever. The races will be run, and we better try and find a closer, or a nice stalker.

Good luck !!