Many Things Can Change in 7 Days

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 16, 2011 in General Discussion | 4 Comments >>

CalendarThe past week of racing has been good, bad, and very ugly. But for all sports, it is the same story. This game is my love and passion, and I have followed it since I was in high school. But sometimes, many things can happen in a short time.

Michael Baze – This would be the very ugly. When a 24-yr-old rider with talent galore leaves us. It is a sad day. He came from a family that has the “super-talent” gene embedded in their hearts. Good people, and talented riders. When the riders at Churchill Downs gathered in the winners circle and watched the video about some of his big wins. It made me tear up like a little kid. I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Baze, but from what many riders and Facebook has spoke of him, he seemed to be an introspective genius in the saddle. I watched Tyler Baze at Hollywood Park on Friday night, and being on EST it was a treat to get to watch California racing at 10:00 p.m. When Tyler dedicated his night to his cousin Mike, I felt those tears gathering in the corners of my eyes. He tallied up three wins, and I wish he could have run the card. Rest in peace Michael… I have a personal belief that heaven will be what we loved on Earth. It would make my heart skip a beat to think he was scheduled to ride with Shoemaker, Neves, Issac Murphy, and many others who made their mark on our game. Maybe that sounds silly, but it makes me feel good to think that racing awaits us on the other side. I hope his first mount is Secretariat or Seabiscuit. That part makes me smile when I recall his short lived career, and look forward to seeing him again in the saddle. Thank you for giving us your best in the short time you had.

The Good – I think Robby Albarado is going to be O.K.  I spoke with some racing officials in Louisville, and they feel he will be just fine. Just to be put on notice, I have his agents number and we will talk to him soon. It will make for good radio, and I want to hear what his plans are for the future. No more re-hashing the same Derby talk. I want to know where he is going, and I will follow along at the windows. Good luck, Robby A.

The Bad – Barry Irwin made the right decision in the Derby. But his 15 minutes are clicking. As a former sports writer, he should have known better. He knows that the media can be your best pal, or worst enemy. It is their job to bring us the news, and not flinch when the big names are involved. They just did their jobs, and Irwin made it easy. He knew better, and the poor trainers that have busted their butts now have to defend themselves. I like to quote my son’s favorite the wrestler- The Rock.  “Know your role and shut your mouth.” He is a powerful man, and with that comes a great deal of responsibility.

Now, lets move on, and do the Preakness hype. I would love to see him win, and Animal Kingdom roll like a good thing. Racing could sure could use a hero, but I think Dialed In has his number. Zito has $5.5 million reasons to ruin the Triple Crown run.

This week was long. It was good, bad, and so very ugly that I just want to turn the page. Also, on a personal note. I lost a  friend this past week who worked in racing for many moons. He had a smile that could make a statue crackup, and a love for the game no matter what level of the runners he was watching. We’ll miss you Dave, and hopefully you are in a better place where races run daily, and you have box seats watching the great ones run.

Have a great week, and enjoy the ride. We are promised nothing, and it is a gift to have tomorrow. So smile a lot, bitch less when you lose, and remember those who will not be with us this week.