20-20 Winners

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 25, 2011 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Eye ChartIn hindsight, I could have done so many things that would have been great. It would be impossible to count the billions of them! – The newest is that I have had more friends, pals, and long time customers tell me that they had Shackleford on the nose.

Roughly speaking, if one-quarter of these folks had him, his odds would have been 3-1 instead of 12-1… This is not the first racing story to be told, and many folks should just take their medicine like me. But, the after-shock has been felt at many tracks, OTB’s and on-line.  I was playing at a small contest, and three people came right up to me and told me all about the “big win.” How he could overcome washing out and acting up in the paddock. He looked flat in the post parade, and I really doubted his chances.

With a suicidal pace of 22.3, I started thinking of how I wanted to be paid….. When the clock struck 46.4 at the half, in my heart NO speed could carry going 1 3/16ths. But, the race was not over, as my horse and co-runner were 13th and 14th looking at each other. They were so interested in what each other was doing, that they forgot about the other runners.

A time of 1:12 flat, and Shackleford was just getting loose under a perfect ride by Jesus Castanon. If there ever was guy who showed his mettle, Jesus should move to the next level and ply his trade. Well, he started to gather his stretch run, and looked as cool as a cucumber coming down the lane. Animal Kingdom gave his best “Silky Sullivan” impersonation, but just a 1/2 length too short…. Now, after the trophy, comes the real story. The ” Magic Ticket Winners.”

I have heard everyone and their grandparents talking about having the washed out speedster, with a smaller track jock. Hell, he should have been 1-1 with all of these good cappers. But, no matter if they won or lost, I learned a bunch. The closers don’t always win the salty fraction race. Riders like Castanon hold real value no matter where they ride. I sure hope he gets his chance.

Oh, and last but not least… I did well on the undercard, and had a great day just watching the races with my dad. Our first, as I have been trackside for many years. But, this was a winner. We just talked, and bet like two guys who have been doing this for years. I was a bad second in the Preakness, and got beat like a drum. I do happen to know a couple of thousand people who had him, and if you don’t believe me… Just start asking, and see if the after-shock is rumbling in your area….