Good Luck or Coincidence ? You Be the Judge……

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 26, 2011 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, | 1 Comment >>

Lucky HorseshoeIf you have ever tuned in to our Internet radio show, we always try and make racing as informative mixed with a good dash of fun. We have special guests and talk about how we are doing with our “EZ-Win” forms. A good pal brought something t0 my attention the other day.

Long ago, we had trainer Tim Hamm as our guest. He is a good-old fella’ horseman. But, that is what he shows… He never lets you see the million hours he puts in, or the the dedication of his staff. Right after he went on with us, he won two Ohio Stakes races….. Luck, or coincidence ?

Take Mike Maker and Alan Garcia. We had both of them on about the same time, and they tagged up to win the 2010 Bluegrass with Stately Victor.

I always wanted to speak with the gentleman trainer I met long ago. So, I called Graham Motion, and I was like a little kid who enjoying his time with a favorite teacher. He goes on to win the Derby this past year, and now the world knows all about his secret hideaway at Fairhill Training Center.

The 4th place rider in the Derby is never a standing room call. That is, unless your a talented guy named Jesus Castanon. You remember, the winning rider of the Preakness aboard Shackleford. A runner he told us that night was feeling incredible and had a big race coming. Can’t wait to see him get the big break on the major circuits.

Dale Romans could make a statue laugh. He was so cool, and the way he just let it all hang out (his dress shirt tail) while running to the winners circle for the Preakness. He loves his life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. He was the same guy I met in person at Turfway Park many moons ago, just funnier…….

Naaaaaah…. We just enjoy bringing the fun folks to you. We love to talk to them and we want you to feel the same way. Don’t like the guest this week? Wait until next, and I am sure we will find your favorite soon. The best part of racing is being an active participant. We love talking horses with you each and every week, and if you have a question or comment, you can give us a call, 0r shoot us an email. You can BET we will get back to it!

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