Select Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 8, 2011 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

TrophyI have spoken about contests until I am blue in the face. But, it is quite a tough call on which one you should play in this weekend.

There is the Breeders’ Cup, Twin Spires, NHC, BC Qualify, and host of smaller ones… But the mighty dollar only goes so far.

How about a mega-contest? Just keep an open mind, and fire away later.

The contest is evenly distributed as an event put on by three or more of these platforms. The cost would be $100, and they would cap the entries at 1000. The top six go to Vegas, and the next six head out to the Orleans HPWS. And, the top 10% would go on to the finals. $100 per entry with 1000 entries = $100,000.

Contest #2 is $200 per entry and the same winners go on. $200 per entry with 500 entries = $100,000. If you don’t make it to the finals, you can always play for more.

Contest #3 is $400 with 300 entries = $120,000.

Contest #4 has an entry fee of $1,000 per entry as the other 3 were qualifying rounds. $1000 per entry at 50 entries = $50,000

Now comes the magic. You have $370,000 to give out in entry fees, travel vouchers, and cash prizes. You have sent 24 to the NTRA contest, and 24 to the HPWS. I am sure this money will cover it, and now we have a cash prize to chase at the end. You can get an insurance policy for small taters stating that if the winner of the NTRA, or the HPWS wins… They get another $2 million dollar bonus. Tell me when you have not seen an NHC contest sell out, or when Twin Spires will have a $1,000 entry. Do you think they are not going to come close to filling ?

I am now playing in the mega-c0ntest, and not scrambling to play one over the other. I am sure there will be plenty that say it can’t be done. I am for the player, and more-so for the gambler. Lets start somewhere, and make this thing like the Poker World Championships. Racing needs it’s space, and what better time than now ? I’m in, all in…………