Lucky Man

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 21, 2011 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | 4 Comments >>

Good LuckEveryone has heard the saying that some are blessed, or have the luck of the Irish… Well, I don’t know which fits, but I do believe in luck.

I knew a guy who always loved the races. His first job in the sport of kings was parking cars in the bitter cold. But, he loved it, and stayed…..

He tried teaching, but the track called his name. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t be a good teacher, but when he looked at the clock and saw 1:00 p.m, he wouldn’t be thinking two hours until I leave. He would be thinking about post time at New York, or Florida……

His jobs at the track improved over time. His boss loved to go see concerts, and his summer job was Director of Security. Need I say more? He was given a job in the bowels of the track for tickets in the front row….. It still was a good deal…..

Over time, this lucky man made his way from one job to the next. He never made it rich, but he loved his jobs. Never to complain, and always to volunteer…… Things were getting better.

He had a few years down the road where he tried to teach school again, but the clock didn’t measure hours… It kept time as 22.4, and 48.3…..So, back to the track…… He was in love again.

The economy has been tough on racing despite some mild gains. This man was laid off from the track where he was Director of Marketing. Long way from the parking lot until he had to carry out his box to car that final day…….

Time flew by quickly, and he began to wonder if he would find any job… I guess this chap gave up on racing, and was about to do one of the most dangerous things. He was about to give up, and settle for anything. He worked all the long for a group doing radio, and writing about racing. This filled his hours with pleasure, and it kept his heart alive. It was at this time he received an interview. He thought he had little chance as it was for the best track in the country. He had to decide. Is it time for a shot at the title, or a seat by the band?  He met the right people for the first time in life, and luck smiled on him again. He was back…. But this time, it was for the cream of racing. You can liken it to trying out for the Yankees. But now, he was batting third, and was doing what he loved……If it only lasts a day, it was all worth it…..

I’ll see you at the races, and best of luck to everyone!