One More For The Road

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 23, 2012 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | No Comments >>

As the weather-vane was being painted, and the winner’s circle festivities were taking place, there must have been some part of Doug O’Neill that wanted the trucks packed, and his runner heading to Belmont. I liken his “get er’ done” attitude to every horseman who has ever been in his shoes. They are extremely rare, and by all accounts there is only one runner that has a shot to take the Triple Crown this year.

Something caught my attention from the New York Post: there was a story about Kent Desormeaux doubting that a rookie jock can pull off the Triple Crown.  I hardly ever send one back over the net, but Kent D was over the line. He was just taken off mounts for failing a breathalyzer test. But, all that I have read is how many folks are sending out prayers, and wishing you well.  As you stated in the article, you just want to live happily ever after, and get healthy. Man, I can’t wait for you to come back… You are a gutsy rider who can make things happen in the saddle.  Here are a couple of small gestures that may go a long way in showing the racing community you are serious:

  1. Get some help, and lead by example. You are a good man, and things happen to all of us. We all want to see you back at full power very soon.
  2. Why don’t you give Mario Gutierrez a call, and offer to meet with him. You could tell him how you got beat by a nose on Real Quiet, or how disappointed you were when Big Brown had problems. Now, I am not asking you to give away the secret to your skills, but just help a fellow rider. You remember, don’t you ?? – Back in Lafayette, Louisiana where you honed your skills as an apprentice. I’ll bet a dozen donuts that you can still recall riding Godbey in the Maryland City Handicap at Laurel Park. – Think it over, I am sure many great riders offered you a word or two along the way.
  3. I guess this could dove-tail with #2. You should get yourself healthy, and then for the rest of your distinguished career take someone under your wing. I’ll bet it will bring you a sense of accomplishment, and someday you will hear that rider recall the old days of how the great Kent D offered them the best advice.

Ok, Ok…. I am off of my soapbox. I have been a big fan of your career, and sometimes taking the right road is not easy. Don’t say you want to heal, and then throw stones. The sport you have loved is in need of a Triple Crown winner. Oh, I am not saying give it up to the young rider. But, by helping others you will help yourself. I wish you the best of luck, and have the utmost confidence you will be back in fine order.  Keep your head up jock, the winner’s circle is just ahead…..