12 Down

I was reading the New York Times, and I am really thinking of giving up my Sunday crossword puzzle. Not that it would be a world-ender, but they are giving a down home ass-whupin’ to racing. I know sensational headlines sell, but there may be a little more than just what we are reading.

Wasn’t it the 1919 Black Sox scandal that rocked America’s game ?  How many colleges have been accused of point shaving ? Or, you could end this trifecta with the latest ” Bounty-Gate” that is taking place in the NFL.  Racing needs to fix many things. It would be pretty appropriate to say that we need an overall re-hauling, and an integrity oil change. Why don’t you let the powers that be do the work. Governor Cuomo appointed a special panel to put some teeth into their bite. Just give it time to sink in….

Timing is everything. This is a special time as we could have our 12th Triple Crown winner. So, lets just jump on, and destroy the confidence of future fans. I know, I know, it sells… But at what cost ??  I know many trainers who are third generation horsemen. They have honed their craft, and work 7 days-a- week.  Some have taken to hauling horses for other trainers, and some are out all together. Public perception has lost confidence in the hard-working folk who make the game. For every one questionable trainer, I can name ten solid, hard-working barns. If it were so easy to cheat for performance enhancing, don’t you think those small outfits would give it  a whirl to win ??  We have been had…. We are hearing one-side. Just go back to the backstretch, and see how long you’ll be a stranger. NYT, I am really thinking hard about not getting beat every Sunday… I have a 12-letter line that reads; ” a person who used to purchase goods, and took their business elsewhere.”   – Answer = Lost Customer……..August Belmont would roll over in his grave…..