Mr. Lucky

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 5, 2012 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

What is in a name? I guess if you were a gambler, you would love to have this moniker. Or, it could be just the opposite as they call the hefty guy ” Tiny.”  But, in this case the name had meaning, and it fit just right.

Bill is an older gent who had traveled the world, and raised a happy family. He retired early, and still has his health. I guess that would be plenty on your plate if you were just an average punter, but in this case a special name was needed to fit this sweet gent.

He contracted polio as a youngster, and was not expected to walk. Not only did he walk, he became a track star in high school. After graduating, he was drafted into the Navy. He was aboard three different ships that were bombed, and he survived where many perished.  After coming home, he and his beautiful bride had just bought a small home. He painted, fixed, and decorated to her specifications. Kansas can be a tough place in the spring, and the first year he lost his home to a horrible tornado. But, “this is the stuff that separate the winners from the losers. Never give up, and keep your head up. Somebody, somewhere has it worse,” according to Mr. Lucky….

He and his wife have been visiting tracks around the country for years. He claimed they have attended over thirty tracks during their life. Some in Mexico, and don’t forget Canada he was quick to add. They raised two strong young men who both went into medicine. One became a doctor, and the other a pharmacist. They have five grand-children, and his wife is still doing well. I guess that would be enough to call anyone “Lucky” if you would take a poll. But, that is where he shifted in his chair and told me a bit more.

He  made his first big score in 1953 on the Kentucky Derby. Dark Star won that year, and paid a a sweet $51.80 to win. He had saved up, and wagering a staggering $200 to win. This only took him a year to save, and yielded him enough to buy a new house. He has won, or been a part of four pick-six wagers that have garnered him another $628,000 over time. He has won $100,000 from the lottery, and wins quite a bit playing slots. Last year, he helped payoff a friend’s medical bills. All that he would say is,”they were frigging huge!”  Mr. Lucky has had the last three Derby winners, and qualified for the fourth time to play in the NTRA/DRF contest in Vegas.  I guess the name fits this man after all. He said that he attributes his luck to persevering, never giving up, and hanging on no matter how tough things looked. Bad times pass he said, and if you don’t look ahead, you will never have another shot.  It was about that time he stood up and started hollering at the screen. Yep, Mr. Lucky notched another small win. It was only a $800 trifecta…. See, I told you as he sat back down with a smile from ear-to-ear.