Horse of a Different Color

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 2, 2012 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

Ever since Hansen won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile I have really liked his style. His owner is a colorful doctor who brings energy to the game, and right about now we can all agree that racing needs a fresh look. I wasn’t a fan of the tailgate incident in the Bluegrass Stakes.  Trainer Mike Maker looked frustrated, and owner Kendall Hansen was disappointed. I can’t say if the hub-bub caused any lack of team focus at a crucial time but that is all behind us now.  Dr. Hansen will finally get his wish in the West Virginia Derby this Saturday.

Dr. Hansen has his sights set. They will be watching his white colt jump to the lead, and attempt to wire the field in the 1 1/8th event at Mountaineer Park.  They plan on a dye job a day or two before the race as to not cause any commotion. The tip of his tail will be dyed blue, making this colt will be even easier to see. He should jump on the hook and not look back if all things go as planned for this ghost-white speedster.

Team Hansen has stepped up to the plate and will donate 1% of his net proceeds to the ” Races for Wishes” program as well as the Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association.

For the game, I think we could stand to let this one fly. If it is really a distraction from the pageantry of Thoroughbred racing, this will set a precedence of another thing not to do. If the attention goes as planned, I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be other requests for the future. For me, I have always wanted to keep the game intact. But, if you have read the rags and newspapers, racing is being given a standing eight count as the court of public opinion decides if your grandpa’s game is up to snuff so I have reversed my stance. Horses cannot see this color so it should not be a distraction. The other riders can watch it as he leads from the gate break and use it as a target to chase. There are two charities that stand to make some needed funding, and the Hansen gals will bring some glitz and glamor to the race. Yep… I have reversed my decision. We need a fresh look, and I think we have needed it for quite awhile. Racing is slow to accept change. The safety helmets, jackets, and new crops that are kinder to the equine athletes. How about the advertising on the jockeys’ pants? Well, here is a new look, and Dr. Hansen gets his wish.  His big goal is the $1 million dollar Travers Stakes. I wonder what’s next ? Sexy girls dancing on the pick-three and pick-four slates for Calder? Or how about having the beauty of racing in an ad with a QR Code on the backside of her silks? Oh, they are already doing that… You know what? The game is still going on, and no matter where I stand at the track I still look up at the screens of Calder and have peeked a time or more at Chantal Sutherland as she glances over her shoulder in her ad… Let the white-colt run with his blue tail. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it will be one of the most watched races in the track history.