by Ed Meyer

posted on August 5, 2012 in Blogroll, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

The judge has allowed the jury to come back in the room, and the entire world racing community has been standing to await the arrival of the verdict. As the judge read: “We the people find the handicapper who put together the guaranteed pick-four at Saratoga,  is found to be guilty. He studied in earnest, but failed to pay attention to the glaring obvious in not playing the top selection in the EZ Win form for the G-1 Whitney. For his punishment, he gets to watch his ticket have three-outta’-four. His unforgivable offense now costs him a piece of the $841.00 payoff, and countless humiliation.”

I hang my head in shame, and make that long walk to the car. How could I not?? I go over and over, and I cannot give a clue. This is where we need that boost of guidance that closes the deal. Well, I had it right before and made a bad mistake this weekend. But that day is in the books, and it shows we can all benefit by sticking to our guns.

I have decided, once again, that I will allow this to guide me.  I have used many forms over the years, and Winning Ponies has helped me have some very nice days. I went in thinking the race looked incredibly tough, and this is where I should have planned on going to the top tier first. I find myself peeking ahead to the second and third tiers. I am just going to start at the top and work my way down… Sound easy? Yep, It is. And I am going to stop kicking myself and get ready for spot plays during the week. The best part about getting your butt kicked is that we can learn as a racing fan. So, I am officially putting away the crying towel and picking up my handicapping information. This is gonna be a great week!