18 Days and Counting

Breeders’ Cup 2012 is only 18-days away at the time of this writing. It will take place over two days at Santa Anita on November 2, and 3, 2012. I ran into a friend of mine from the track, and he asked me the million dollar question. “Where do I begin my research for the big weekend?” This really set me to thinking, and more than ever I want everyone to have the direction map at hand.

If you make your way to www.breederscup.com, you will find the official site. This has access to all of the races, and what to expect. The contender section where you can read a bio about many runners that will be heading this way, along with video of Breeders’ Cup Challenge Races. You can still purchase tickets, plan your visit, and take a peek at the history of the Breeders’ Cup. A very good place to start, and I think you will start formulating opinions.

You need to start really reading all of the stats and charts from Santa Anita. There will be no synthetic track this year, and you need to know how the track plays, and the European runners may have an impact. Unlike anywhere else, the Euros have done quite well in the warmer climate of California. I would have thought that Churchill Downs in November would provide them with an “at-home” feel. But this was not the case.

The B/C is a weekend that demands our “A” game. It is not that we don’t follow up daily, but there is so much money on the line that everyone is coming heavy. You can’t dismiss any runners as they have the credentials. We need to get on-board ASAP, and start doing pre-homework. The racing networks do an incredible job of keeping us up-to-the-minute with workouts, shipping, and overall observations. Now, with your arsenal of study. You need to have an objective, and effective handicapping guide. Winning Ponies is in real time, and has everything you could want to know about the weekend. With so many contenders that have a shot, we can’t overlook the winner by getting overwhelmed. This is where the E-Z Win Forms can provide detailed information with speed ratings, composite ratings, and rider/trainer stats from the entire year. Add all of this up, and you are heading closer to the winner’s circle. So, go ahead and get started, the days are clicking away.