Holiday Wish List

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 18, 2012 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

As we gather with family and friends this time of year, take time to savor each moment. With the hustle and bustle of the season, relish the calm and quiet moments with the ones that we love. Each morning, my son awakes to a note that I leave on the table for him to read. It is a “wish list” of sorts. The note contains a little message, and a short list on how to make others happy during his day at school. It is about this time each year that I also leave myself a note. A message to my inner-horse player, and how to be a more effective racing fan.

1. Set your limits

We all get tied down chasing our tail sometimes. This means that we get down a bit, and find ourselves working hard to just get even. Once we get there, the process begins again. I have always called this chasing my tail. Set your limits, and find the ten best races you like. Then, take your favorite five, and fire away. No matter the outcome, get up with your winnings or take your loss. It will all even out in the long run.

2. Revenge Betting

If you get down over 25% of your bankroll, just drop back and bet less. If you are out to teach the track a lesson, this can only make things worse. Keep your cool, and bet less when losing, and more when winning.

3. Focus

I know this sounds easy, but keeping your eye on the prize can be tough. We have a plethora of races, and they all start calling our name while we are waiting for that target race we like. Many players have gone tapped, and when they are walking out they look up and see their target horse roll to the winner’s circle.

4. You can’t win trying to get even

Many of my friends love to gamble, and there is no better surge of action. They find themselves getting down in the bankroll, and then they try and find that chalk superstar to get them whole again. This hardly works, and when it does it is a temporary fix. When your thoughts begin to drift, and focus leaves your senses. Just kick back and go on a “scouting mission.” Start taking notes on horses to watch, and maybe drop in a small wager to cover costs.

5. Go to the races

The computer has been our best friend, and our worst enemy. We have lost the desire to get dressed, grab your handicapping material, and find your seat at the races. Get out amongst the people, and you may discover what attracted you in the first place. Oh, that computer will be waiting for you when you get home, but there is nothing like hearing the sound of hooves and the sights and smells of the track. See you at post time.

6. Cash over contests

Now, over the years you have heard me tell stories about contest play. I still do, but I began my trek wagering for cash. If you play more contests than cash, you can find yourself drawing a losing hand. Build that bankroll, and slide some cash into your contest account. This will allow you to cover costs, and possibly win some money while chasing the big purse. I still love my contests, but it is important to keep the main goal playing for money. Cash is king…..

7. Follow the tracks you know

Too many times I see good players chasing the third at Laurel, or that last race at Turf Paradise. They don’t have clue how the track is playing, or who the leading connections would be. But, if you  keep your track limit to the ovals you follow. Your odds will get better for a payday. This is where you need to find a reputable handicapping source to guide you along. For me it has been Winning Ponies for quite sometime. If you haven’t tried the effective E-Z Win Forms, go ahead and get in the game. If you are acquainted with the data, keep your focus as they have been on quite a roll. Nothing like making some extra holiday money !

Enjoy the season, and be greatful for the wonderful gifts in our life. For the horse player, take stock in these words, and even create your own wish list. It will payoff in the long run, and you will come to fall in love with the game all over again.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Winning Ponies !