Preparing For The Big Weekend

When you read all of the stats, trends, and witchery. I guess we can all eliminate runners based on past running’s? With all of that information at hand how can we go wrong? Well, here is a news flash. I think it would be short sided to discount anything at this point. Keep an open mind, and let the information wash over you like a cleansing rain. In the end, you will still be sitting with a mountain of info and your wallet to make your plays. So here are a few ideas to make this weekend a winner.

1. – Read the information about works, fresh runners, and how horses shipped. Know when they arrived, or if the trainer and rider are familiar with the oval. There have been many great runners that just got “lost” on the sweeping turns of “Big Sandy.” Use the “been there, raced there philosophy.” I loved Smarty Jones in the 2004 Belmont Stakes. When Stewart Elliot turned for home, it looks as if his mount just got lost at the top of lane. Riders/trainers make all of the difference. No offense to “Stew,”  but he was just riding a track he wasn’t as familiar. Take a look at this race and I’ll bet you still think he could win at the 1/4 pole.


2. – Don’t be fooled by the fresh legs. For me, I like a runner who has been putting together races that have built stamina. Sometimes the fresh leg approach can come back to bite you. The well-tested players will get a summer’s nap after this race, and you can bet their conditioners know them pretty well. After all, who wants to toss in a dismal effort going a 1 1/2? I prefer legged-up runners who show a good work or two, or have been pointing this way since the Derby with strong morning efforts.


3. – It is crazy to dismiss anyone. Go back and read #1 and #2… Pay close attention to the breeding angles, and whose family has carried well going the big route of ground. Here is a glimpse at the PP’s from the DRF. Start the elimination process now, and it will start taking shape by Friday.


4. – Now more than ever you will want to reach out and seek advice. No matter where you finished in the first two legs, players want this last jewel to cap off the Triple Crown. I have been a believer in the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. They show hard core proof of delivering. You will have many data services that offer the “Blitz” of information coming your way, and it is hard to decipher what is real. Take a look at how WP has been doing. They post results for good or bad. The answers are right there. Now, if you haven’t used the E-Z Win Forms and want to seek professional guidance, it serves the new player as well as the seasoned professional. There are easy to read color coded tier levels. The secret sauce is examining the entire selection area. You will find hidden nuggets of wagering wisdom, as they have brought be back many times. They allow you to shift for last minute weather changes, scratches, and handy icons to remind you before making final decisions. Easy to understand Race Ratings, and when they are on the turf there is a Turf Rating to guide you along. They show all of the PP’s, and if Mother nature gets ugly you can get a brand new set of E-Z Win Forms to adjust to the changes. I have seen about every data service in the galaxy. There are few to none that allow you to receive up-to-the-minute real time information. Many post selections 48-72 hours outside of the race date. So go ahead and take a good look. If you doubt any part of what I am saying, take moment and peruse the testimonials. I think the weekend can be yours, and it all starts right here!


The post draw is on Wednesday, and from that point the connections will be on “lock down” with their runners. So read up, do your homework, and grab up your E-Z Win Forms before making any decisions! – Best of luck this weekend from Winning Ponies.