Lotto-Man Racing Fan

I drove up to play a few races. I spoke to some old friends, talked with other players, and was looking to find a seat. There was a lottery machine against the wall, and it had five players in line. Normally I don’t play much lotto, and I wouldn’t even think twice. But, I had a $4 winning ticket from a past drawing, and it was burning a hole in my pocket.  I loaded in my winning ticket, and played one Powerball. I still had $2 left, and the daily three drawing was calling my name. Well,  in the spirit of gambling I selected a couple tickets with my favorite numbers. I never bothered to watch the lottery after I read the mega payoff left me in the dust. But after I found the Ohio lottery site, I couldn’t help but check my shot-in-the-dark tickets. Lightning must be striking, cats and dogs living together, and world peace has been declared…. Oh, and I won $600 on my $2 venture.

So what’s a hard-core horse player to do with $600?  I think you know the answer, and I wouldn’t be alone in my thinking. One of my favorite movie quotes is:  “money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” I am going to allot myself $200 each Saturday these next three weeks. There will be incredible racing, and I would be playing anyway to build my bankroll for Breeders’ Cup. I am going to make a two horse place parlay using the E-Z Win Forms, and if it hits. I will carry it over to the big weekend. If it doesn’t hit, I will chalk it off and be thankful for my big shot.



The weather calls for 80 degrees, and a 20% chance of rain.


Race #9 – The G-3 Gallant Bob – 6f – 4:35 p.m. ET

#11 – Rainbow Heir (3-1) = Mike Smith up for Ben Perkins, and they are good for the game. This N.J. bred looks the case, and sports a Last Race Rating 66+, and a Composite Rating of 62. – I am going to start here with $200 to place on this colt. If this runner scores, we will carry the entire amount over the next runner.


Race #10 – The G-1 Cotillion – 1 1/16 – 5:10 p.m. ET

#9 – Close Hatches (5-2) = This is the second horse in the top tier, and the connections caught my eye. Mike Smith in the irons for Bill Mott and exits off a ” Monster Workout.” She has a 55 Last Race rating, and a 53 Composite Rating. If she hits, we’ll put it in the Breeders’ Cup file.


There is nothing like a “free” spot to take your shot. I never play the lottery, and this is like pennies from heaven. So, I will shoot with some measured place plays, and see where we can take it. A place parlay can carry you much farther than you think. If all goes well in leg #1, there can be a sweet $300 – $400 going on leg #2. Be sure to check in on these the next few weeks as I will be attempting to make a run. Wish me luck!!