Impulse Betting

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 31, 2014 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, Kentucky Derby, | No Comments >>

I was at River Downs about 15 years ago. They had a handy little tool called the “Bet-Mate.” It was a hand held betting device where you could wager on any track they were simulcasting. When I loaded my bankroll at the window I thought it would last me for the day. Well, I was right for a little while, and in between the races that I had handicapped. I started betting $2 on races from Philly Park, Finger Lakes, and others. Many others…

Last year, sports bettors wagered $98,534,732 on the Super Bowl. I have been hearing that gamblers who make only a couple of bets per year usually have a friendly bet on the big game, and the Kentucky Derby. Now I won’t call this a problem, or something out of the ordinary. People love the big events, and nothing makes it more exciting than to have a few bucks thrown down.

Wagering is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment you’ll ever run across. But there is wagering, and impulse playing. The latter is what I was doing at River Downs long ago, and it doesn’t end pretty. Betting just for the sake of action can be bad way to start the day. You find yourself going against your money management plans, and at the end of the day you will wonder how you didn’t turn a better profit.

Now this doesn’t apply to all gamblers. There are gamblers who don’t play everyday, and consider this “tap dancing” technique to be a fun and exciting as they watch the horses run during the downtime. For many, this can ruin well made plans. There are handicappers who stick to a set number races to play from a handful of tracks. If they are serious about turning a profit versus impulse playing, you will see very few bettors “reach in the jeans and pull out the greens.”

There is a bevy of racing action that awaits this weekend. If you are preparing in your usual way and want to make a few random action wagers. I would seek a professional. Someone who knows what is happening on the circuit, and handicaps it every day it runs. Well as luck would have it, you don’t have to look to far. The E-Z Win Forms on Winning Ponies are one of the best weapons you can use to make random plays a part of your winning formula. I have used the data when I play in multi-track contests where there are ovals I am not as familiar. Betting for the sake of betting can be a dangerous and costly endeavor. Stick to your guns, and leave the guesswork out of any plays. Not only will you find them valuable, but I am sure you will want to make them a key piece of your wagering arsenal.