A Sure-Fire Winner

How many fans have been watching “Horseplayers?” – I started off watching to support the game we love, but now I think they’ve hit onto something new. I guess it takes a few episodes to grow on you, but it bit me from the first hour. If there is one show that is on my DVR, you can bet it all on “Horseplayers.”

When you see characters developing in any series, you begin to feel a part of the action. There comes a time where you see yourself in some part, or you can really understand what the stars are feeling. Here are some of my handicapping thoughts in where it will be going.

Matt Bernier = The 23-year-old “newbie” to the world of contest play is my top selection for a man to reckoned with. The way he has changed a bit in just a few episodes has me amazed. At first, I was hoping he would get put out early and go have a drink. But now, I like his action. The way he played alongside the contest with real money is a move most contest players know about. He has stated his woes about money, and we can all buy into his feelings. When Michael Beychok offered up the advice of “playing within your comfort range,” he should have bought that guy a beer. That may have been the best words of wisdom for players watching at home. Trust me, when the smoke clears this young man will be locking horns for the money. He is young, hungry, and getting first hand guidance from the best.

Christian Hellmers = If you are looking for the player with more steak than sizzle, look no further…. He tries to give off the “California-cool” attitude, and we’re starting to like it. A little much with the magic pocket scents, or his lucky crystal. But this guy is a number cruncher, and it gives him plenty of time to show the fun side of handicapping. When he told John Conte, “Just forget it man and put it behind you, or it will haunt you all day.” – That was pure gold for handicappers. Now, the buddy-buddy stuff during the contest just doesn’t happen. I know its better to show the lighter side, but when you drop a $6,000 entry fee into the mix, you won’t be talking and walking as much. But that is the magic. We get to know these characters, and before long they will be as much fun to spot at the races as movie stars or professional ball players. This guy is great to watch. I can see why he has so many backers to get in the game. He brings fun and excitement to the betting. His go-all-in attitude has the attention of players who bet $2 to show to the biggies who wanna be on top.

Team Rotondo = If you want a group of players who act like not much bothers them, and all is good. These guys win the prize. Peter Sr. is pretty savvy, and you’ll see glimpses of the real him if you look closely. His pal Lee Davis plays the great ” Jerry Lewis” to Dean… He made a jump off the team wagon, and hooked the winner. If you pay attention to their words, you will hear “team” and “we” more than anything. This is pretty true to form when you try to make it to Vegas. You will find more players hooked up together playing as mega-machines. I don’t know how the money gets broken down, but rest assured they will have an answer before they get to the bank. Peter Jr. is a brain child with the Breeder’s Cup. He delivers with a cool persona that appeals to the younger crowd, and his dedication locks up the older demo. You have to like this guy, and this team sure makes it fun. They bring that New York flare. Fuhgeddaboudit…

Not trying to rival a noon-time soap, but this is starting to be a part of my week. It shows the side we need to see, and revealing the characters at the track is worth it’s weight in gold. If you want a taste of what’s happening. Just breeze by the website and checkout the “Starting Gate” clips. You’ll pick up some helpful hints, and get to see the players as who they really are. Set your DVR, its worth the watch…