The Secret Weapon

Every year, Robert starts getting the jitters. He looks over everything from direct mail pieces, and scans for the most up-to-date angles. You know, something new from last year that may have cost him the big payday. With email, snail mail, and betting site products. He’ll give me a call and tell me how he has cornered the race card with “Uncle Ted’s Handicapping Secrets.” It never fails. After the Derby he’ll tell me he’s done with that service. This year was different for Robert as he asked me the million dollar question. “Ed, you still work with them Winning Ponies fellas?”

Robert is a good player. He likes to play trifectas and multi-race wagers. As many players he is looking for an edge, as he can’t follow the races day-in-and-day-out. He has spent tons of money the past ten years on 1-800 numbers, and red-hot selection packages before they even have the post draw. I once saw his “sheets” on his coffee table, and they had horses selected who were not going to run for one reason or another. But, that goes along with the service.  Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) comes to mind, and you can find yourself staring into the abyss guessing which one can help your handicapping. “Yes, I sure do. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.” Maybe you’ll find this fits your needs, and they are the only service to hit the Derby trifecta two-years-in-a-row. Oh, and they do more than just the Triple Crown races. They cover every major circuit all year long, and have paid out over $2,769,429 in exotic payouts in 2014.

Most services will deliver selections 48-72 hours out from the race. Many things can happen in that time, and once you make your purchase. You are on your own with selections that have no value. Winning Ponies will have the E-Z Win Forms ready shortly after the post position draw. That is a plus, as they have taken more into account with post positions, and the latest works.

Other sheets or data providers give you info, but have to handicap for a particular track condition. In Kentucky, we are experiencing heavy rain, but the weekend holds a slim chance of precipitation. Or maybe the weather will shift, and the rain will continue. But once the other services put out the data. It is locked into one direction. Winning Ponies offers a one-of-a-kind change of weather tab. If Mother Nature shifts, and the weather forecast changes on a dime. You can select the change of weather tab at no cost and have a brand new set of E-Z Win Forms to adapt to the changes. Players have the control to change, and the data becomes tailored to your specific needs.

“Uncle Ted or Winners Galore” tell you they like a horse. They talk big money angles, and how you’ll miss out on the big score if you’re not on board. But do they offer any detailed figures that can be observed? There is no way to discover if their handicapping angles hold water. Winning Ponies will show you who they selected, and how they did. It is all there in full-color, no matter what the outcome. The numbers will speak for themselves, and you’ll see how the data has been holding up over time.

Winning Ponies offers up a Last Race Rating on how they measure up against the field. The Composite Ratings show how the runner has measured up the past three races. If you have a turf race, there is a Turf Class Rating which will uncover turf ability that can be measured up against the others. There are handicapping icons which immediately alert you to changes the runner is facing: “Layoff of 45 Days, Dropping in Class, Monster Workout, Improved Effort, and Equipment changes.” All of these grab your attention before you take a look at the ratings. The complete past performances and detailed information on riders and trainers show how they measure up in all categories.

“Yep, this is a bit different. This stuff must cost an arm and a leg.” When I showed him he would only be charged for the races used if he got a late start handicapping. This sealed the deal for Robert. He won’t be be listening to any scratchy 1-800 numbers, or talking to Uncle Ted as you hear American Idol playing on TV. I think he liked Winning Ponies, and now he knows why I have enjoyed being a part of the team since 2008.

With the big weekend just days away you’ll want to tune in Thursday evening for the “Winning Ponies Internet Show,” with John Engelhardt. He has on some of the industry best guests, and handicappers that have been making the grade for many years. Be sure to take a look at our blogs, stories, and free selections to get you thinking about the big races. Make Winning Ponies your one-stop-shop for all of your handicapping needs with the one-of-a-kind E-Z Win Forms. Your friends at Winning Ponies wish you the best of luck this weekend, and when luck isn’t enough, WinningPonies has your back.