When Luck Isn’t Enough

Have you had the feeling that today is your day- Nothing you do goes wrong from the time you get up, and all the day through. Your feet hit the floor, and your newspaper it is on your front stoop. Your coffee maker has brewed the perfect cup of a morning-eye-opener, and it hasn’t tasted better. Your horoscope weighs in your favor, and when you turn on the radio your favorite song is playing. It couldn’t get any better for someone who is going to the track. Your wife kisses your cheek and wishes you the best of luck, and may the Wagering Gods smile brightly upon your bets. You start the car and the gas tank is full, your handicapping info is laying on the seat next to you, and you miss every red-light on the way. Has this ever happened to you?? Me neither…

The thought of luck sounds great. I get this picture of a Leprechaun holding a four-leaf clover with a pot of gold. There are lucky rabbits feet, lucky buckeye’s, lucky coins, lucky hats, lucky suit, and your lucky seat at the track. If you have any of these guardians, you will find yourself golden. Horse hockey!

I have some bad news for the folks that wake up, and expect good things to happen by the hand of luck. We make our own luck. I know, right about now you’re polishing that lucky coin and thinking about the Belmont Stakes. Put it away, and buckle down. Over the years I have watched the people at the track. They are a peculiar sort, and they’re one-of-a-kind. “They like to bet the 5 in the 5th, the gray horse, the horse with a clever name, or my personal favorite of betting the one that takes eliminates waste on the track.” No matter what the method, the belief is stronger than stone.

Try this and let me know what happens. Instead of lucky trinkets, spend 50% of your time handicapping, and the other 50% deciding on how you’re going to put it to work. Many times I have seen handicappers stay up all night and have their horses selected. They come very close and some even win a bit. But if they spent as much time deciding on how to maximize their wagers. They would have had a better outcome for the day. Trust me, this comes from a sampling of over 20+ years working at five tracks. It doesn’t matter where you are, just look around long enough and you’ll see the same tendencies.

So what to do? I have told you to discard your lucky trinkets and stop believing in Santa Claus. I have also told you to spend 50% of your time handicapping and 50% deciding how to put it to work. What would you say if I told you could spend all of time handicapping? It is that easy, and here is how you can put it to work. Just download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms, and you can spend your time deciding on how you are going to put it to work. It is a proven system, and it has paid our over $4,055,860 in exotic payouts to date. The tier levels are easy to use, and can be effective for the hardcore gambler or a novice. It is that easy… If you have any doubt, all you have to is check out how Winning Ponies is doing on the day. You were hesitant about the first half of the card, and your runners are going in the later races. Now you can follow along in real time with results and “big-un” winners that Winning Ponies has provided. No other data provider allows you to follow along and see the results of their selections as soon as the race is official. Oh, and when you to download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms later, you’ll only be charged for the races that are downloaded. Check around and you’ll see no other data provider allows you to follow along, and not be charged for ten races when you opted to download the final three events on the card. The selections speak for themselves, and Winning Ponies wants handicappers to have every edge. Good or bad, you’ll see how the selections are doing as soon as the race is official in real-time. No more waiting, as you have an arsenal at your disposal.

How are you going to spend your time handicapping? Are you going to burn the midnight oil trying to pull out a few runners, or will you download a proven system that allows you to spend the time designing your wagers? There’s no such thing as a lucky charm necklace, but there is Winning Ponies when luck isn’t enough.