Chalk Dusters

... horse racing takes center stage this summer at Saratoga Race Course

Summer is one best months to be a racing fan. You’ve just finished up the Triple Crown, and grass racing is in full-bloom. Oh, the days of watching and wagering on some my favorite tracks are coming. Come to think of it, I love all of the seasons. They bring in unique racing meets, and the sounds of hoof beats thundering across the nation. Horse players from around the globe keep track of what to wear just by knowing which tracks are open. Some players  dig out flip-flops for the beach, others bring sun screen, and there are others who are bringing to facial wipes to wash away the chalk from the corners of their mouth. There have been plenty of opportunities for fans who love the short price to chase, and still there are others who dislike the odds. So what’s a gambler to do?

I was walking into work and a patron stopped me cold. “Ed, can you announce that the chalk festival continues?” Well sure I would. Be glad to have some fun with the short price runners. I asked him why he wouldn’t like some short price locks to build some small investment tickets. He was just focused on the short prices, and I believe he fishes in deeper waters for the whales. He really didn’t have an answer, but he was right. But as with every part of gambling there is two sides to the story.

Chalk players love short odds. There is nothing wrong with that philosophy, and investors have been following the money for as long as it has been printed. If you are a punter who loves the look of the chalk as they come on to the track. Here are a couple of thought to keep in mind before heading to the windows:

1). – The favorites win right about 1/3, or 33% of the races.

2). – The shorter fields that have been popping up everywhere offer even better odds. At Churchill Downs, fans have been calling it the ” Home of the Five Horse Field.” But, the favorite wins about 25% of the time in the these events.

3). – Ride the wave. – You know, when the surf is up, grab your board and head to the water.

I will use two tracks as my focus. Belterra Park has kicked off its inaugural meet, and Churchill Downs.  At BtP, the favorites have been winning at a strong clip. There are a few powerhouse stables on hand, and many claim for horses to shoot for inflated purses. That doesn’t sound all that bad to me. At CD, the small fields have yielded some chalk filled payouts that make the lottery chasing players angry. But here is a simple plan that may allow you to enjoy the ride.

When you find that race with a powerhouse lock, you should begin creating multi-race wagers such as the pick-four and pick-five. You can get better value trying to build around that odds-on runner versus wagering on him straight. – Or, you can take the short priced runners who looked to romp easily and go to the windows. Think of it as a “scouting mission” for future runners, and build on your bankroll for upcoming race meets that will offer fuller fields and better value. I just made a $100 win wager in a 7-horse field at Royal Ascot, and he was a bigger than life (3-5) shot. He won easily for the red-hot John Gosden, and rider James Doyle looked like he didn’t move a muscle. The wager that looked like lock, returned me a $60 dollar profit.  I turned off the signal, and will wait for tomorrow to see if anyone jumps up and offers an odds-on-take-it-the-bank opportunity.

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