How to Beat a Bad Streak

We have all danced in the sun with a handful of cash as your horse of the day scores. But what do you do when all of your action goes south at the windows? Do you quit, bet more, or do you have a secret mojo you would like to share? The players are all ears, and we always want to shake off the bad-beat-blues.

1. – When your on a losing streak and can’t seem to pick a place horse in a match race. Here is an idea. Drop the amount you are wagering. If your $20 wagers don’t hit the board, drop back to $10, or even $5. You may be surprised to find that money tends to put blinders on our handicapping skills, and when you drop your wagering amount. Sometimes you get back on track.

2. – Homework, homework, homework… Maybe you’re not putting in enough time to bet. Just because you have money in your pocket or your wagering account, doesn’t mean you’re ready to play. You have to do homework. Go back and watch some race replays, take a look at the weather for the week, and check the charts for any biases. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

3.- Take a break. If work has you bound to the ball and chain, or you are coaching your son’s team. Take a break. Sometimes coming in refreshed and ready is like a tonic. Now while you are on your break, be sure to keep tabs on track charts, standings, and races that are coming. You’ll be back in the game before you know it.

4. – Don’t mix the party with betting. Leave the drink-a-thon with the guys for another time. You don’t think clearly, and you’ll find yourself making a bad money decision at some point in the day. It usually appears after the third beer!

5. – Seek advice. – Plain and simple you need to find a source of information that is proven, solid and dependable. Your handicapping is sour, and you are need of a service that covers every track day-in-and-day-out. Racing info services can be your best friend at a time like this. They do the work, and you decide how to out put it in play. Winning Ponies is right here, and with over $4,814,556 in exotic payouts. How can you go wrong? If you’re a CEO of a big company, you consult with others who give unbiased advice. If you are making a cake, you get on the web and find the best recipes mom could never make. Why would you treat handicapping any differently? The E-Z Win Forms can be used by the most seasoned player, or a newbie going to the races for the first time. The color coded tiers and handicapping icons make it easy to find that target runner for the big score. If you are still on the fence, all you have to do is take a look at the real-time results with the color coded selections and you will see how they are doing as soon as the race becomes official.

Right now, I am going through case of “second-itis.” You know, everything you play runs second, and you could make Secretariat quit after leading by 31 lengths down the lane. Well maybe it is not that bad, but you get the idea. I am going to post some selections for Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a  few spot plays from the E-Z Win Forms. It doesn’t matter where you find your winners as long as you are making a nice profit. So be sure to tune in later this week as I attempt to shake off the “second-itis” and get back to winning. When luck isn’t enough, Winning Ponies is always here to provide sound wager advice.