Weekly Update

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 8, 2014 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | 3 Comments >>

It’s good to look back and see what you’ve accomplished, need to work on, and the incredible things you see along the journey. In seven days there were some eye-opening, good fortune, and emotional experiences. We are lucky each and every morning when our feet hit the floor. At the end of each week, I like to take stock of what is happening around me. Here are my past seven days.

Earlier last week, I entered into a “place pool” wagering adventure. Our group of three had agreed to rely on the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms for guidance. Now, this was a task as all three of are hard-headed gamblers who wanted to direct the bets our own way. After one week, and a $1,200 beginning we kicked off with a  $200 place wager that was scratched. We waited patiently and decided upon the Queen’s Plate card at Woodbine. We used the top tier selection from two races, and all agreed to make a $200 starting place wager. If it hits, it all goes on the next runner.


Race #9 – The (G-3) Singspiel – 1 1/2 on the turf

#6 – Aldous Snow received  a $200 place wager. The son of Theatrical owned three handicapping icons of “Has Improved, and Moving up in Class.” – With the services of Javier Castellano, it seemed like a no-brainer. – He won, and paid $3.80 to place. We had made a profit of $180, and had $380 to make our next wager.

Race #11 – The $1 Million Dollar Queen’s Plate – 1 1/4

#14 – Lexie Lou – A filly by Sligo Bay was breaking from an outside post, but the gals have held their own in the race. Mark Casse (21%) was the trainer, and after having a stellar meet at Keeneland this past spring. We needed nothing more than that on his home turf. Add in that Patrick Husbands (23%) was in the irons and we felt there was a good shot. – She won impressively, and paid $4.50 to place. The two wagers for the day yielded a $855 total for the day with a  $655 profit. I’ll keep you up-to-speed, and I’ll drop in a wager or two plan that will give you a glimpse of some free E-Z Win Form selections. – Stay tuned!

When you start nearing the 60-year mark in age, you’ll find that having a favorite TV show or two is common, and playing golf cuts back from four times a month back to two. But when you are Perry Ouzts, the rules just don’t seem to apply. – On July 4, Perry rode an incredible 5/5 winners at Belterra Park. – I had this great tagline as he romped to the wire to seal the deal: ” Perry Ouzts is hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July.” – I would like to take the credit for the quip, but that belongs to my good friend John Engelhardt who was writing his press release. I turn back towards him with my headphones on, asked the golden question of ” Hey John, care if I steal that one from you?” – “No problem, Steady Eddie. – There is plenty more where that came from.” – When Perry Ouzts glided by like he was riding a bullet train racing a turtle, it fit like a glove. – Thanks, John. – I can’t say that is the first, and it won’t be the last. I’m going to need plenty as Perry Wayne Ouzts is on-fire and riding like he is 20-years-old. If you haven’t watched or wagered BtP. Take a gander at one of the hardest working riders in racing. Injuries, age, or tornadoes will not stop this guy. “He is as tough as a nickel steak.”

There are silver linings and there are bumps in the road. We all have them and sometimes they’re life changing, and others are like a fly in your face. But they still bother us a bit, and this week at the track I have one of each. We’ll start with the hardest one first. – I like to bring friends up to the announcers booth. Not to show off or brag, but to allow players like myself to get a peek behind the curtain. It’s never as much fun enjoying the ride by yourself. – I had an old pal drop by and we talked about the races, winning and losing, and the old stories that still make us laugh. For over twenty years we have known each other, and when the talk quieted down, he looked at me and said; “Ed, I’m pretty sick. I wanted you to know, and also let you know what a pain in my ass you’ve been!” – That was his way since minute one, and he never wanted to end anything on a sour note. We have poked fun, laughed at each other, and always greeted each other with friendship. – He shook my hand, and asked me to keep it between us. “You’re the second person I’ve told, and there was just something about seeing your big noggin that made me want to let you know.” – He said he’ll be in touch, and I sure hope this one-of-a-kind good guy beats this hurdle. – I always want to be that pain in his ass, and I sure I hope I’ll have plenty of years to keep him laughing.

Social Media is a wonderful tool. But, I think many are pushing it a bit. I am tired of knowing what you had for lunch (with picture), and the conversations between you and your significant other while you sit on opposite sides of the couch. But that aside, there are many who use it as a soap box. This week I had an old pal drop a bomb on a track. Not that I haven’t heard worse, and sometimes I’m guilty of saying things. My mother told me in second grade, “Be sure not to put anything in writing that you would not be proud of.” – I know he wanted to be the reporter who shared, and used it as a “torch of truth” to be passed. But for a man who enjoys the game, travels to visit tracks around the country, and loves to make a wager. My mom’s words still hold true, and be careful what you toss out to the masses. You’re not chatting with one person, it could be thousands. Just be a little kinder, and hold your on-line tongue. You are respected and have many friends. I would hate to think someone would be offended by a blip and blurb on-line.

That’s it for last week, and what a week it was. We’re off and running for the place parlay, and Perry Ouzts continues to defy Father Time by riding like a hungry teenager. I will keep my friend in my thoughts as he goes to bat against a bitter foe. ( I think this guy can beat anything). Be careful what you say on-line. The person who may be reading it may be a better friend than you know. Just keep calm and go back to taking pictures of your lunch.