Commandments of Wagering

Clouds parted and thunder rolled. Something big was about to happen, and it would change the way gamblers would look at wagering forever. No more would we curse the darkness and wonder why the universe exacted payback for our mistakes. From this day forth, gamblers from all walks would have a guideline of how to ruin a good streak of luck.

Maybe it’s not as fire and brimstone as mentioned above, but gamblers now have an idea on how we can be our worst enemy. We all are guilty of one or more offenses, and if you cannot put yourself in any category. Just keep playing, and you’ll find yourself in a jackpot wondering how you deviated from the road of prosperity. Here are some golden rules that you may want to employ before making your next wager.


1. – Thou shall not lend money at the track. Usually about the time you are on a roll, you’ll have an old friend come up and ask to borrow some cash until payday. Now, they may be good for the loan, but from that point forward you might as well walk to the car. You’re done for the day.

2. – Thou shall not brag about the big win. You waited all day, and hammered the runner the public overlooked. The cash comes in wrapped bundles, and you can’t fit them into your pocket. The winning wasn’t enough or either was having the gold. You had to tell the tale on how you took down the big score. The Wagering Gods hate a bragger, and see #1 on what to do at this point of the day.

3. – Thou shall not borrow money to gamble. This is known as “dead money,” and you are better off going fishing or to the movies with borrowed money.

4. – Thou shall not try to bet your way out of the hole. We all have bad days, weeks, or years. There will be better days, but sometimes we are not content on waiting. We double up and try to win our way out of the wagering funk. The Wagering Gods hate a glutton. “The pigs get fatter, and the hogs get slaughtered.” Guess which one you will be?

5. – Thou shall not blame others for our loss. It was traffic, the lady reading the program in line, the jockey must have been out all night drinking. If you hear this little voice in your head, know that a money beating is soon to follow.

6. – Thou shall not put gambling before family, friends, or loved ones. If you find yourself telling the big fib to your wife, or the can’t make it into work because I’m sick tale. It is over before it starts. – Wait for another day, and you’ll be a happier horseplayer in the long run.

7. – Thou shall not wager on a hot tip, or inside information. First, there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy. Second, there is no such thing as the above mentioned items. If you had inside info, would you tell others to knock down your payout? If the tip was hot, why would you tell anyone who will tell thousands of others. You can find inside info at every track. You’ll see that 10-1 shot drop to 3-5 on the first flash. If it is not, the public will assume it is and jump on the bandwagon.

8. – Thou shall do your own homework. Don’t take the word of Joe the barber, Tommy the tout, or Gus the bookie. Do your own work, or seek the guidance of a professional service who does this daily and posts their stats for the world to see.

9. – Thou shall not use bill money or your mom’s birthday present cash to make a wager. If so, you are dead in the water before you start.

10. – Thou shall enjoy the game, be kind to fellow players, and keep a positive attitude. If you fail to obey the above rules, you’ll be condemned to bet from your basement on an old computer, and grind out long slow losing streaks.

It may not be as bad as told, or it could be right on the money. It is up to you to follow the methods of the proven gamblers, or you will have to suffer the consequences the hard way. You’re call. If you think this is just smoke and mirrors. The next time you’re at the track, watch for any of the above mentioned mistakes that will drag you into the worst betting funk of your life.