10 Superstition Breakers

Black Cat Superstition

Gamblers are a peculiar sort. They march into the track with the luck of the Irish, and leave with a pocket full of excuses. But that is the essence of racing. You can be having the day of your life and all it takes is one bobo to grab your seat by mistake, get you shut-out, or come up and ask you who you like as the runners are loading into the gate. Here are some ideas to beat back the demons and repel the attack of the unlucky.

1. – Never lie to go to the track. This is a sure fire way to part you from your wallet. Free advice is worth every penny you pay, but for me anytime you have told a tale to get to the windows. – Lights out! – You’re done before your first bet.

2. – Never lend money at the track. It will take away your mojo and toss it right into the can.

3. – When a fellow player comes up and asks your opinion of who you bet. Just remember these words: ” I didn’t make a play. I am just scouting for horses next time out.”

4. – No bragging. This is a one-way ticket to getting your butt kicked by the Wagering Gods.

5. – Do not bore your fellow gamblers on how you hit the big one. – Once again, just take a look at #1 for how this turns out.

6. – There is no such thing as a hot tip. If it was that good, you wouldn’t know. I was chatting with an assistant racing secretary, and he said over the past twenty years he has heard two stories of solid runners who lived up to the bill. He only gets about 30 a day, and it is better to shut out the noise.

7. – There are no real bad luck tricks. They are all in your head, and you make them come true. Just cut out the distractions mentioned above.

8. – Bet early, and don’t handicap in line. If you are still unsure at this point, grab a  beer and watch the race.

9. – The guy screaming in the back row is trying to show you how good he is doing. Have you ever noticed he is always right there at the top of the lane ? – I once asked a screamer about his winning day and he honestly told me he hasn’t made a bet all day. He was just getting in the zone. – Block out the noise.

10. – Do not play the blame game. It is not the jockey, the color of his silks, or the moon in the 7th house of Jupiter. – No excuses, and as the Dalai Lama once said, “Those who live their life blaming others, are bound to suffer greatly. ”

Try this and see how it works. Do your homework the night before. Know about the connections involved, and have a strategy on how you are going to put them to work. If you are serious about the day, I would download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms to get you started in the right direction. If you block out the distractions, come prepared, and have a plan and stick to it. I think you are on your way to dodging black cats, peacocks, and the cracks in the sidewalk. Repeat after me: “It’s all in my head, and it’s up to me to determine my outcome.” Let me know if this helps you at the windows, and in the meantime you’ll become a happy handicapper!