What a Beautiful Day For the Races

<b>Bad Luck Superstitions</b>Step on a crack break your mother’s back. Pick up a penny if it’s heads up. Don’t open an umbrella in the house. Friday the 13th. Don’t walk under an open ladder. Black cats, peacocks, and breaking a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck. I guess we’ve all heard these at one time or another, and especially during the Halloween season we’re on the lookout for bad mojo. I’ve never been one for making bad luck excuses, as my dad had a cousin who could make up an excuse for a sunny day.  That was until Sunday, and now I am a full-fledge-card-carrying believer.

It was the final day of our racing meet, and I was looking forward to making some bets at Keeneland. This keeps me grounded and ready to call the races with a little in-between racing action. I had gotten up so early,  I had time for a workout, steam, and lunch before heading to work. I had studied my races to call, and downloaded my Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. I rolled down the windows, turned up the stereo, and let the sun shine on my face. This was a perfect fall day, and I don’t think I even hit a red-light on the way to work. I pulled in the lot, and found spot close to the door. I laughed a little about how perfect the day was beginning. I couldn’t have had a better start.

Made my way up to the booth, got ready, and looked up saw 45 minutes to post. If this were a movie I would be the guy who hit the lottery with his last dollar. I made my way to the windows to make a bet, and it was Race #2 at Keeneland. I was stepping up to bet when a man turned quickly away from the lines and he spilled coffee on my shirt. After getting it damped off, I looked up and saw the horses getting ready to hit the wire. The top E-Z Win selection Heaven’s Touch was crossing the line first, and the three runners I was going to use in a trifecta key ran 2,3,and 4th. I was going to wager $20 to win on WP top selection, and make a tri-key to get the day rolling. Now, I wouldn’t have gotten rich, but it would have been the right way to start the day. Oh, well. It happens to all of, as I made my way back to the booth.

I called the race and looked up to see there was 10 minutes to post. I had plenty of time to get my next bet down, and I loved a runner called Empress Maker in the 3rd race, and she was on the turf with young gun Joe Rocco Jr. She sported a sweet Last Race Rating of 60+, and she was going to get $20. As I made my way down, and a husband and wife were arguing loudly. Security came up and pulled them apart. They were arguing about who had the track program. The lines were getting long, and I jumped right up with my crisp $20 in hand. Well, the hullabaloo caused a little ruckus, and when my hand touched the window. The horses broke from the gate. Now, I wasn’t kicking the wall yet. When I looked up and saw her heading into the winner’s circle. I was getting a bit miffed…

I liked another runner but it was later in the card. Plenty of time to pout and get it out of my system. Still time to make the day a winner. It was Race #9, and I LOVED the top tier selection. Since I had been shut out twice due to crazy circumstances, I was going to bet $50 to win on #4 – Oceanwave. She was (2-1), and owned the top Last Race Rating and Composite Rating of 60. I couldn’t wait to get down and when I arrived at the windows, there was not a person in line. “Thank God, this was perfect.” When I stepped up, they told me there had been a tote problem and they were re-booting the system. It should be about 4-5 minutes. I looked up and saw 22 minutes to post, and knew it would be fine. I was first in line and would make it in plenty of time to call them on the track. Ten minute later, I had to get out of line and go up and get ready. When the horses were warming up at our track, I looked up and watched as Ocaeanwave was looked like a million bucks down the lane. Now, I wanted to pull out my hair and bite myself… I started turning red and was mad as hell in a matter of seconds. All day long I was getting held up, wet from hot coffee and watching a husband and wife act like idiots. This day cost me, and I couldn’t do anything but suck-it-up and put on my big boy pants.

I have never started out so easy and prepared in my life. The only thing missing was the dog bringing me the paper, and getting a massage. Oh, I got massage all right and it didn’t feel good. I had good info, a bankroll plan, and the bad luck that made me look like “Bad-Luck-Schleprock” from the Flintstones. I could feel that grey cloud hanging over my head, and the rain was pouring so hard I couldn’t see. After a bitch session with an old pal, and a couple of days to get in order. I am making my one trip to Keeneland tomorrow. I have my E-Z Win Forms, and filled up with gas, and I just layed out my clothes. On second thought, I am going to unplug, the alarm clock, not bathe or shave, and wear my old comfy sweat pants. What could happen? I’ll let you know how the day turns out, and the weather is suppose to be nice. The data was good, my bankroll in place, and plenty of time. I guess it’s that time of year, so make sure to allow enough time to get to the track, and bet early. I wouldn’t want you to find out that “Schleprock” is more than a character in a cartoon.