Viva Las Vegas

by Ed Meyer

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I have been watching football, and scratching my head for what is taking place. “I’ve been following for quite sometime, and there are things happening that baffle my instincts.” This is not about the bowl season or the big weekend of racing. It is about staying ahead of the curve. Yes, you read it right here. Staying ahead of the curve is what separates the good from the great, the winners from the losers, and the players who bet the chalk. What am I doing wrong? I have been following my data and sometimes it would have been better to toss a dart at the wall. Thoroughbred racing is a cerebral game and one that takes intense concentration. Am I distracted? Have I lost my drive? Is there an outside force with a voodoo doll stalking me? The answer is simple, no. We clean out our hard drives, schedule a disk clean, and run our anti-virus. Have I been doing this? Do I need a cleansing of my hard drives? The answer is simple, yes…

For years I have been telling you about Winning Ponies. Not because I am privileged to write, handicap, and talk about racing. I believe in what I’m seeing. Handicappers stumble across a data service on the advice from a friend. Who has time to examine all of the systems in place? Well, I did. It was my job, and I loved it. From the time I logged on to the hitting the shut down button. I spent my hours in an office pouring over data sites, ADW sites, and handicapping authors. This was a dream come true for a handicapper. Not someone who kinda’ likes the ponies and walks around talking about making a bet. But someone who inhales the game. I wanted to bring the player the best tools to work with. I would still be with the these one-of-a-kind innovators if it weren’t for the paranoid feelings of an older boss who was complacent in his job. His cushy existence gave him a comfortable living and he sure didn’t need that new guy bringing things to the table. I guess membership has it’s privileges.

But I digress.┬áIt’s not about me crying over spilt milk. I’ve loved racing from the first time I travelled out with my Dad. He was a speed player, and I tried to follow his footsteps, but I felt you must take everything into consideration. Now this was 20+ years ago, and going to the track was nine races and limited betting opportunities. Being able to handicap card was a little easier as we had more time. As with everything, we need to change with the times or become part of the past. Kind of like cleaning our system to allow new knowledge to take over.

Winning Ponies is the latest. I have looked at every big name writer, handicapper, and site. Some are good, and others are sadly locked in the past. Take your game to the next level if you want to survive in anything you do. How many years will Gary Stevens be able to ride? Is Mike Smith the best money rider dollar-for-dollar? Who is the next up and coming bug rider ? – There are so many tracks and only a limited amount of time. Unless you are the guy taking that “magic” pill from the movie Limitless, you’ll find fatigue will set in and your handicapping will be a guess in the dark.

When I told you I looked at everything, I mean everything. There are handicappers who try and hide behind numbers. They can’t test their data to give you what they’re looking for, but someday they will. That someday is now. How about having a site that posts good or bad how they are doing? Having information at the speed of light is what keeps you ahead, and Winning Ponies brings you everything in real time. There are tier level numbers which allow you to examine the runner against the field, and not guess if they fit. There is a major name out there who proclaims to give you everything you’ll need. I downloaded the entire 60 page section on how to use it in 2008, and to this day I am closer to finding the “Lost City of Gold.” WP brings you real time data combined with a numerical system that is tried and proven. If there are any doubters, just take some time and look over the results section. You can get a feel at a glance, and you don’t need a PhD to understand line one. How many systems can be used by the hard core handicapper and the first time player? – One.

If I sound biased, maybe I am. I like what I’ve seen, and why fix something that’s not broken? When todays player needs info in hand, and time to handicap. Look no farther. How many of the big name sheets will show you how they are doing this year in dollars won? None. They promise the moon and deliver a sub-par product. We need to keep fresh and prepared. Don’t just wonder how many years Russell Baze will rule northern California. We don’t need a history lesson as it doesn’t take into considerations all factors. It is time to clean our memory banks and take in fresh data that applies today, and not what happened thirty years ago. If you are a contest player, this is your data. it allows you to decide how to utilize the information instead of spending time looking for what happened two meets ago. If you enjoy a day at the races and you don’t have time to pour over mountains of info. Look no further. Winning Ponies gives you everything you want. If you are a Daily Racing Form fan who enjoys the trainer/rider stats, or how a rider is doing going 6 1/2f today. You are in the right place. If you like to be told bet #4, and look no further. It can deliver, but I think you’ll dive deeper into why do they like him today.

I’m going to Las Vegas for a three day jaunt. I will not be toasting the town, or hanging at strip clubs. I will be the guy wearing shorts sitting in the back row with his E-Z Win Forms. I look at it as my cleanse, and spending time handicapping in the most energetic environment in the world will get me fresh. Give me plenty of time, the right environment, and the best handicapping material, and I have more than a fighters chance. Last year as my gal emptied her pockets betting slots and video poker. I had back-to-back best days of the year in 2014. If you think I’m looking forward to getting away, that may be an understatement. Winning Ponies and I are going to be sitting in the race book looking to make this weekend a winner! Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how things turned out.