Five Reasons I Love Horse Racing

Do the voices in your head ever tell you to shut it down for awhile? Can you feel doubt creeping in, but you head upstream anyway? Just pick up your feet and keep going. That is the grind. The game requires you to burn away doubt, and ignore the devil in the details. Luck is the last wish of believing that winning happens by accident. Ignore the stats, throw away the doubt, and don’t listen to those who won’t believe. If you buy into any or all, or feel yourself leaning in this direction. Get ready, let’s go to the track.


1. – Bet you’ve never seen this. My favorite analogy is “how many times have you seen anyone scream at a slot machine for two minutes?” Me neither. I’ve had more chills run down my arm; I’ve taken flight as my horse came from the clouds, and when they near the wire it gets even sweeter if you’re in the mix. I have gambled on about everything, and NOTHING compares to racing.

2. – I fell in love with homework. – When we were kids, having that extra work at night could be a bummer. We couldn’t watch The Big Bang Theory, and had to spend our time fighting to get the better grade. Racing is a cerebral game. This is not mindless gambling that allows you to stare into space. Just like school, you get more out of it if you put in the time. I started to enjoy breaking down the races like a fine cigar. There is no hurry up and get finished, it’s all about the journey versus the destination. I’ve played big money poker, blackjack and craps. Nothing challenges me like looking over a racing card.

3. – The environment. – Casino action takes place in a timeless vacuum. There are no clocks, and if you don’t look at your watch. You have no clue of the time. Racing is all about time. How many minutes to post? How fast was the opening quarter? Time is precious and finite. For my gambling entertainment, I choose to spend my time watching the races.

4. – Friends and family. – Racing allows you to talk between races. I spent more time jogging into the track with my Dad to make the double, and I only wish we could do it all again. I have made friends at the track who are still in my life. In the industry, there have been some wonderful folks who have helped with opportunities. How many times at the craps table do you see people talking when the dice are out? Me neither.

5. – Bang for your buck. – Now be honest on this one. If you had $200, and planned on being at the casino for three hours, do you think you have enough money to play? If you give me the same $200 to go to the track. I’ll have action all day, a few beers, and more times than not I’ll be in action after three hours.

It’s your call. Do what you enjoy, and don’t let anyone tell you different. If you enjoy going to the casino, playing the lottery, or just pitching pennies. God speed. Thoroughbred racing is a part of my life; a source of entertainment, and has allowed me to enjoy many different careers in the industry. I have lost and won, and there has never been a time I wanted to stay away. If you haven’t been in awhile, give it another chance. This is the best time of year as three-year-old runners target Churchill Downs for the greatest two minutes in sports. Hurry up and get ready. It’s almost post time!