Why I Can’t Live In New Orleans

The weather was perfect, but I hear it gets pretty close during the summer months. You look, and you look, and there just are no good restaurants around. If you love to drink, party, gamble, or just read a good book and turn in early. You can bet you’ll probably find something to get into. I travelled down to the Big Easy for a few days, and you bet dollars to donuts they won’t be forgotten soon.

There are a few good places to eat, and the rest are excellent. Now, as a man who enjoys a good meal, it would hard to put my finger on what I enjoyed the most. Po-Boys are a gift straight from God. Fried shrimp, fried clams, lettuce, and a sauce you would sell your soul for. I think there were some pickles involved, but it’s hard to say as it went down quicker than a fat man in quick sand. The winner for me was the Central Grocery. John Engelhardt worked at the Fair Grounds a younger man, and has made some treks back. He advised me to go to this small dusty Italian grocery. The muffuletta is the song in my heart, the girl I have searched for, and lunch. – Not only did I make it my first stop, there is one that flew home with me. I may have it bronzed before I eat the whole thing.

The city was chock-full of history. If you enjoy a good story, or how a great state evolved, I would suggest adding it to your bucket list. I took a three-hour double-decker bus tour; talk about being a real tourist. Upon my next trip, you can bet I’ll be sitting stop getting the best story of New Orleans and how she came to be. I was riveted to the history, and even visited a voodoo shop and bought a REAL doll. So, if your feeling that sharp pain in your arm, or you suddenly get a black eye. No worries, it’s just me getting my $9.99’s worth of fun.

The 102nd Louisiana Derby was run, and the track was packed. The under-card was super, and the big event was worth it’s weight in gold. I made a nice bet for this cowboy, and about three minutes after they started loading the gate. I was one happy camper. Take a look for yourself.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6LZHhtKWiM – If you’re looking for the needed excuse to get on the bandwagon. Since 2003 this race has been a great place to find Derby finishers, the son of “Fu-Peg,” has won on synthetic, turf, and dirt, and his three-year-old career has been undefeated.

Sunday brought sunshine, pageantry and my worst beat of 2015 (so far). I was doing OK, and there was plenty of turf racing for the final day. I was in hog heaven and it only could have been better if I had a muffuletta. But I digress. I worked up a $27 pick four to end the day on a high note. I started with a modest $5.80 winner going 1 9/16, and then scored with a smoking $32.40 winner. It was about this time when I gained another 100 grey hairs. I was beaten by a dirty half-nose by a $36.00 horse over my 7-1 shot. The cameras were on my horse, other players started talking his number, and upped popped the results placing me second. We all like to say we thought we won, but I really did… I watched the last race, and my 12-1 closed from the clouds. The pick-four paid $6,401 for 50-cents. I know mine would have at least paid $3,000.

There was a retired gent who ushered in the grandstand area. After every race he would come my table and give out some of the best historical info. Did you know? George Washington sold a runner named Magnolia to Robert E. Lee Sr. for 5,000 acres in Kentucky? General George Custer trained horses at the Fair Grounds? And best of all, they sell po-boys in every concession stand! The players were excited to be at the races, the track has a stretch that goes on forever, and it was the highlight of my trip. I think this will be on my “to-do” list for each year. Good friends, lots of good food, and racing action that is sure to get your heart pumping. If you haven’t made the trip, put it on the list. They open on, or right around Thanksgiving. – But, I just can’t live in New Orleans. There is just so much fun one man is allowed to have in four days.