What’s For Dinner ?

Enjoyed a fine dinner this evening. When you mix in a dab of good conversation, friends, and interesting hobbies, you’re destined to have a fun evening. – I listened and enjoyed, and even if your flower bed doesn’t interest me, I enjoy learning something new. – There are no gamblers at the table and seldom do I throw out a recruitment spiel. But tonight not only did I receive a genuine ask about racing, they wanted to know what I look for in the process. Normally I keep it short, but it was real and true and I answered to teach them something new.

I have a process of watching video replays for horses with notes on their last race. Some call it “trip handicapping” and others just want a feel of what to expect as far as pace. – If their name is on the video to watch list, they had a troubled or compromised trip. You can only get a feel by keeping copious notes. If you ” see something” or wish it happened. You have killed the process. Start here and keep moving. – Just keep looking for your edge.

Take a look at the past performance lines. I love a bunch of angles, but here is one that I absolutely love. – If they make a middle move and fade a bit. This is a promising tid-bit if you follow it up with shortening in distance, a better rider change, or dropping in class. Here is an example of what the running line may look like:

2   – 2 – 1 – 3 1/4

He broke 2nd, and stayed there until the 3/8th’s pole in a 6f affair, where he took the lead. He faded down the lane to finish 3rd by 1/4 behind the winner. – He showed good stalking ability, made a solid move, took the lead, and came up a little short in the gas tank. – Watch the replay, make some notes, and be on the lookout for the above changes and toss in for good measure a solid work or even a bullet effort in the morning.

After finishing my drink and the conversation kept moving, I was asked about obvious notes. – These are my first go-to-angles. Look for a top three rider / trainer at the meet. If they team up together, that gets added points. Now, if a “big name” comes in to ride, you need to see if they’re just aboard to get a feel for the track, or have they ridden him in the past or for the trainer. – The top three riders at the meet and same for the trainers win 75% of the races. When they team up together, give it a shiny star for a top effort. – Has there been two or three works coming in ? Look for the 2nd time out in the morning, or if a barn likes to “blowout” close to race day. – How does a trainer do on the turf, first off the claim, maiden claimers, or what is his percentage with the rider. – All important, and it is up to you how much weight to give. Or, you can prepare a little easier. – “How do we get the easy route, Ed ?”

Winning Ponies offers up everything I said, and tons more. – They have a Last Race Rating showing where they fit last out, and the Composite Race Rating shows where they fit the last three efforts. It’s all color coded for turf, dirt, synthetic races, and offers handicapping icons that show if they are dropping class, first time starter, fresh off the claim, moving up in class, first time turf effort. – All of the above mentioned stats on how a rider / trainer are doing on the year, at the meet, or teamed up together can be “toggled” over, and up pops instant stats for your viewing.

When the rain comes, I have to start all over. All you have to do for the E-Z Win Forms is “click” the change of weather tab, and you get  a brand new set of E-Z Win Forms at no cost. – Most data providers tell you who to bet 48-72 hours out and cannot change. WP takes everything into tabulation, and shows you where the runner fits today and the probability of how the field sizes up. No more guess work or missing anything. They do the leg work, and you use the info. They’ll cover your tracks, and many you don’t have time to handicap. That is the bonus. They cover it everyday, and make it easy for you to understand without living your life doing the homework. You get the facts at hand and spend more time deciding how you’re going to bet. – Most services charge one fee no matter how much you use. – If you start your day later in the card, you’ll only be charged for the races left on the card. – If you are new, or a hard core player, you can understand how to use the E-Z Win Forms in a glance. If you need more info, no problem. They have broken down each area covered for easy use.

” So, Ed. Why should I do all of the homework myself, when I can get a comprehensive glance of how the races shape up at the click of a mouse ?” – ” Good question. I didn’t say I had all the answers, I just told you to look for an edge or an advantage.” – We finished a great meal and the conversation circled round the table. Upon leaving, my gal’s boss asked if I was going to play any races on Saturday. – ” Why wait ? – I’ll be looking tomorrow to build a bankroll for Saturday.” – ” Give me a call and I’ll meet you out there.” – There it is. The sweet sound of getting ready to play the races. – When I got home I had an email asking what time should he come out ?