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What’s a Player to Do ?

Now that the heat of summer has turned to the cool breeze of autumn, many horse racing fans are preparing for a long hibernation after the Breeders’ Cup. Think about it. – The Triple Crown leads into the Saratoga and Del Mar seasons, and you’ll see the trail to the Breeders’ Cup put on finishing […]

Winning Ponies Weekend

A week or so ago I wrote about a gambler having a plan and losing his bearings along the way. – That is in the past and I am re-dedicated to staying on target. I took off a little more time and wanted to come back strong. There was a bankroll of $400, and I […]

Release the Wagering Kraken

The newest bitch from the complaint department is that fantasy leagues are actually betting. Well, here is some breaking news from the get your head out of the sand division. – Yes it is, and the interest from fans is wide open throttle. According to the New York Times, we need to rein in this […]