Calling all Cars – Integrity Police Please Respond

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 5, 2015 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, News, | No Comments >>


They’re never around when we need them, and they’re probably still writing tickets for improper fashion statements from last Derby day. – But we need them now, and they better hurry ! – The Breeders’ Cup wind blew through the racing world to rave revues, and Keeneland looked right at home on the big stage of Thoroughbred racing. But problems continue, and the ref has stepped into the ring to give the sport of kings a standing eight count.


By now, the world has heard of Runhappy, and trainer Maria Borell. I think the “Integrity Police” should start right there. – It is Mr. McIngvale’s choice to have who ever he wants as his trainer.  He can choose the marquee names who cost a pretty penny, and they are damn well worth it. He can have a new trainer who just received his license, or he can pick any face off the street. – His horse, his money, his decision. – But, if a trainer is to be paid a percentage of the winner’s share. Pay the lady. – Maybe there could be a separate account with the horseman’s bookkeeper at a (small price) to the owner to have an agreed upon percentage from purse monies earned. I know, it sounds costly.- The trainer will be paid just like jockeys who win on a mount, the valets, outriders, etc. You get the point. No more stiffing trainers who won’t be able to pay their help. – I can see no problem giving your talented horse to anyone you wish, but you can’t thumb your nose at the hard working people who love their animals more than most people. Reminds me of the words (with a little twist) from Teddy KGB from the movie Rounders; “Pay the lady her money.”


If you read the racing rags, you probably know about the investigation taking place at Mahoning Valley. – If you missed it, or couldn’t sit down to read it. Here it is a nutshell. – There is an investigation taking place about a runner (a gelding) who allegedly ran against fillies. – The horse drew off by 7 3/4 lengths, and paid a whopping $222.40. – According to The Paulick Report, the Ohio State Racing Commission is launching a full-scale investigation into the race, horse, and those involved. I am confident they will get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later. – Here is the rub. We are coming off the heels of one of the best Breeders’ Cup events ever. The feel good swirl is on everyone like cheap cologne as we bask in the glory of the Thoroughbred. – But what about the betting public who got duped ? – They invested money in an event that may have had some extra magic in play. What do we tell them ? Even if this all comes up false, the sport is the loser. – If the investigation turns up to be false. How do we gauge the damage done to public confidence ? – For the latest, here is an article from The Blood –

I enjoy making a bet or two. – But when I hear about buzzers being used, riders not trying, or some goof with a magic potion. I stop playing that track. – I guess that’s what bothers me the most. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the new track, and my worry is it will create a sense of distrust among the betting public. If it were not for them, the sport would be running for blue ribbons on Saturday afternoons. – Do I blame everyone ? Hell no. Am I mad at any clown who attempts to deceive the public ? – Yes. – I’m going to sit on the sidelines and let the professionals get to the bottom of this, and not formulate any opinions until they inform the public of the outcome.