What’s Running ?

We are in the void of no marquee races and the holidays are arriving. – I’m sitting in front of my computer and had the day all to myself. Shopping done, cleaned the house, shave and a shower, and fired up my laptop. I dropped a few shekels in my account, and the day was good-to-go. It wasn’t going to be a day of big time bets, and more or less a scouting mission for runners on the return and pick up a few bucks on the day. – Saturday still comes around, and you can bet your shoes I’ll want to make a few bets on some of the solid races carded. – Wednesday was a cool autumn day, and even the dog didn’t want to head out the door. But inside my man cave-betting-parlor, the conditions were just right.


Churchill Downs can offer up some good betting value, and even though there can be some small fields. I love it just the same. I’ve watched the runners, know the connections, and trusted in my daily download of E-Z Win Forms. – I have $200 to play, and decided to make a $2 exacta box on the top three selections, and $8 to win on the top tier runner. Sounds good to me, and this allows me more time to scout runners for my stable mail.


Race #1 – I made my three horse box with the three selections and $8 to win on the top tier runner. The first and third selections ran 1-2, and the top selection won and paid $10.60. The exacta paid $20.40. = My total cash was for $62.80, for a $42.80 win.


Race #2 – The wager came back 1st, and 4th.  Minus $20.


Race #3 – I was 1st and 4th, but the top tier selection won and paid $13.00. – The win was $52.00 for a $32 win.


Race #4 – The top three ran 1-2-3, but the top tier runner did not win. – The exacta paid $11.80 for a loss of $8.20 on the race.


Race #5 – I snagged the exacta with the 2nd and 3rd selections, and the exacta paid $48.00. – The total win was $28.00

Race #6 – My exacta box ran 1-2-3, but the top tier selection ran 3rd. – The exacta paid $71.40 for a win of $51.40.

Race #7 – Off the board with the top three selections. – Minus $20


Race #8 – The old 1st and 3rd punishment occurred for a tough beat of minus $20.


Race #9 – They were off the turf, and the 2nd and 3rd runners hit paying $7.20, for a minus of $12.80


Race #10 – Off the board for exactas, but the top tier selection ran 3rd. – Minus $20


My day started off with a $200 bankroll, and my tally came out to be $253.20 – I found three runners for my Horses-to-Watch list, and had an opportunity to win. – Sticking to my guns allowed me to keep focus. – Keeping a tally makes for better money management, and using the E-Z Win Forms allowed me to better use the data to make adjustments for the future. – What handicapping icons did I miss ? – Should I have sought better value in some races where the chalk was the top tier selection ? – In my opinion, a day at home watching a card I enjoy was a win on the day. – I’m going to use the tier selections this weekend when I play in satellite handicapping contest. – With any handicapper, it serves you well to go back over your day and see where you could’ve made some changes. – Best of luck, and be sure to check back to see where I finish. By the way, I used them a few days ago for tracks I normally don’t wager. – I finished 29th out of 200. Not bad, but I’m shooting for bigger and better paydays.