Second Chances

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 30, 2015 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

Do-overs are the stuff that dreams are made of. – How many times have you just sat there and wished you’d get another shot ? Me too.


I knew of a horse player who had the chance to gamble for a living. Now before the old farts in the back of the room start grumbling, it can be done. But the discipline needed can be awfully tough to live by. – First, you need a solid bankroll. Second, you have to create and stick to a plan. Third, when you step up to the big table there can be no distractions. – All of this adds up to treating your bankroll money as a business. You’ll do better with a plan before you make your first bet. – Are you going to chase the big pick-six carryovers, or will you selectively play a few runners here and there ?


I have read both, and the story always end up with some heart-breaking sap working in a crappy job again. – There are a few good stories here and there, and some that leave players guessing. – I remember one in particular where a guy who worked in Maryland in the racing industry, and he just hung it up and left for Las Vegas. Sounds like Rounders a little bit, but trust me it is true. I tried to reach out on social media, and before I go any further. I’ll wait for a response to let you know the rest of the story as the late Paul Harvey would have said. – But I did hear something from a friend on that circuit, and it may have been a health scare for the gambler. He didn’t wait, and just gave his notice and hit the road. – Most assume it’s about hitting the big score and having your name in lights. Some would think it was about having it easy and getting to gamble. Neither are true.


You wake up one morning and look at yourself in the mirror. Just like you’ve did a million other times, but this time is different. Most don’t have the stones to put it all up and shake the dice. The majority would collapse under the strain, and the “walking zombie” gamblers just wonder what you’re doing. – That image starring back talks in a quiet voice only you can hear. ” Are you ready ? Are you good enough ? You’ve been doing this for a long time, and maybe it’s time to find out.” – If you’ve heard this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I had this once. – As the image looked back at me, I couldn’t look away. ” You know your job is going nowhere. You’ve taken it as far as you can, and things are changing so quick you don’t even recognize the place anymore. There are people in charge who know as much about gambling as you know about naked skydiving. – Nothing.” – That’s when it happens. You start formulating a plan. Most are based around taking your retirement and going for the gusto. Why not ? You’ll be dying a slow painful death anyway. You might as well use the money and shake the dice.


I had dice in hand, and it was time to step up. – How long can you stand around guessing ? – Sooner or later you either step up and play, or just go back to the mirror. – I had enough of looking at myself and it was time. – I had a plan of making 2-3 place bets per week. Saturday and Sunday was my time, and I would comb over the race replays and charts like crazy. – I had a good bankroll, and my discipline had never been to this level. – I started off bad, and things got better. I even started making up some ground and the future never looked brighter. I was happy, doing what I always dreamt, and finally showing a profit. – Then life steps in, and in the blink of an eye my life changes. – No more gambling. My heart was not into it, and there was a time when I lost my love. – But she returned, and to this day she hasn’t wavered. My love is well placed, and she gives me the best memories a gambler could ask. – But there are the times in the shower, the car, when I’m reading, or right before bed. – What if ? What if things had been different ? – Who knows ? – Maybe the wagering gods have a little something in mind for me yet. – I’ll keep my eyes peeled, and if it ever comes around again. – I’ll be ready.