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by Ed Meyer

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horse groom is responsible for the day-to-day care of horses. If you ...


We’re all in a food comatose as warm feelings of friends and family fill our hearts. This time of celebration is something to behold. Did you notice the traffic didn’t bother you as bad? How about the cooking, the cleaning, and the over-extended gift purchases? Naaah. It all comes out in the wash. What about the people who didn’t sleep in, play with Santa’s gifts, or eat until their pants popped?

I enjoy social media. I have to admit I don’t partake in pictures of my lunch or dinner, but I do enjoy seeing equine art or youngsters having good old fashioned fun. Mainly my participation is with jockeys, trainers, owners, grooms, and others in the industry. I love seeing what is going on, and for me the Facebook time is enjoyable. But today, I thought about the good folks who take care of the horses.

Many players are focused on what tracks are running on Saturday, and how we’re going to get back on a regular schedule. But it was early this morning as I was waiting for my son to wake when I started seeing many well wishes from hard working folks who didn’t get the morning off. There was no complaining, and truth be told they wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world. I read the grateful words of folks going to work. Horses have to eat and be watered multiple times per day. Some need a little exercise, others get a rub, and many just get an extra helping of carrots and apples. But there must be human effort to take care of these majestic animals. Funny thing on this early Christmas morning. There was not one complaint; only happy folks who care for the sport of kings.

Think about this next time you head out to the track and see a groom or hot walker leading a horse to paddock. There is so much work that goes into getting a Thoroughbred that far you wouldn’t believe. Most gamblers just show up and never give it a second thought. The horse people who live their lives with the animals would be the last to complain or ask for a standing ovation. It’s a labor of love. I guess it would only be a concern if you were thinking of a job in racing, and trust you me it is not for the faint of heart.

On this day of reflection and gratitude, I give thanks for the men and women who tend to the horses. There is a great deal of work that goes into getting a runner ready for the races, and before you plunk down a bet or two. Give a thought to the hardworking folks walking your horse to the paddock to be saddled. Equipment adjusted, sending them to the track, and then walking them a 1/4 mile or so to cool them out after the race by walking them out, and then a nice bath and feed tub with hearty oats. By this time, you’re probably home or closing out your night thinking about your next trip to the races. Just take a good look the next time you see your horse walking up the stretch. There is a great deal of work just getting them this far, and it’s all from the hard work of these dedicated people.