4 Ways to Become a Winning Gambler

Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch ? – You’re about to read it right here, and let me tell you the information didn’t come free. If you’ve ever made wager, a token bet, or been part of an office pool, you’ve shaken the dice to win money. Oh, we always call it fun and claim it’s all about the group. But the bottom line you made the wager to win and puff out your chest. – The puffed out chest is not always part of the game, but the winning of the money always holds true.

I used to pitch pennies in the boys’ room. Nothing like a “leaner” with ten boys tossing lunch money. When I first started, I wanted to go first. That was all good and fine, except when you tossed a junk throw and your penny rolled around the room. – The others would give you guff, and it would be tough the next time you stepped up. From that first lesson, I learned it’s not always important to run up and jump in. Take your time, see what your facing, and address what you need to do to get the job done. – That was my first lesson. Take your time and don’t rush into anything where money is involved. If it’s important enough to toss in a bet, take a look at what you are facing.

I would save my lunch money and jog home to eat a PB&J sandwich. This allowed me to save $10 extra on the week, and I would have this extra $10 spot when Dad and I ventured to the races. He would give me $20 if I kept out of trouble, made good grades, and didn’t involve myself with bad things. – Easy stuff for a horse player, but one thing I learned over the years having the extra $10 in my pocket. – ” You can bet your eating money, but you can’t eat those losing tickets.” – You have to keep your gambling in order. If you find yourself making the decision to do without so you can watch and wager. You’re dead in the water. – Long story short. Only gamble with what you would have taken to the movies, bought a new set of golf balls, or spent on a night on the town. When you win, and you will. Put the money in a separate drawer, file, or hiding place. Don’t even think about it and use it for something else in life. – Keep an amount you can afford to spend / lose for the day and don’t exceed this amount. As my old pal John Engelhardt says; ” bet with your head, and not over it.”

As we graduate into making bigger wagers and more exotics. Learn to use the minimum amount to beat the tax man. – I have friends who catch the P-4 with a $1 ticket and it pays $1,000. They get to fill-out a tax form and later that year they get a little reminder to file on the winnings. I immediately saw the 10-cent wager as a way to beat the man, and keep more money in your pocket. You can still bet the $100 as your buddies did on the wager, but instead of paying $100 for one ticket, you get ten separate 10-cent wagers. – I’ll never forget when I killed a pick-four at Keeneland with a (3-5) shot winning. I’m not one to brag, and it’s all about using your noggin to keep money in the pocket. – It paid $2,000, and I had 10 separate 10-cent tickets. Nothing like getting the entire amount as I watch my pal pulling his license and SS card for tax purposes. – If this sounds too easy, think about every time you have pushed the $1 ticket button and didn’t think it would pay that much.

When simulcast came into play, the game changed overnight. I wish my grandpa would have lived long enough to see this. He used to tell me stories about the wire service giving stretch calls from tracks around the nation. He would’ve never left the new racetrack. – As signals grow each year, we find it harder not to make an impulse wager to have a deuce on a (10-1) shot for action. Do this ten times a day, and you have probably lost $20. -You only brought $100 to the races, and spent 1/5th on goofball wagers. – Narrow your focus, and keep no more than three tracks to follow. There is no way to follow that many and keep your sanity. You can always employ a professional data service as Winning Ponies, as this is what they do for a profession. If you have to go more than three, I wouldn’t try anything without the proper tools in your arsenal. – That aside, you need to find your best 12 races to play from these three tracks. Now, from the 12, you are going to bet eight. From the 8, you’ll narrow your focus to 2-3 races which will get the blunt of your bankroll. – If it sounds silly, just think of a baseball player who is an excellent hitter. Make him go to bat 50 more times, and his average will go down a bit. Take away 50, and you’ll see a spike in his numbers. If you don’t believe me, you can blame a famous ball player who used to come to the track and would talk with the big players in the private room. His name was “Charlie Hustle” or something like that. – Long story short, narrow your focus and make that big wager on two-three well thought out plans. It is much easier to hit two or three versus all eight wagers. You’ll have more fun, go home with more money, and cut back on your exposure to loss.

The above didn’t come free, and you’re welcome if any or all helps. I had to make the walk to the car with empty pockets more times than not. – It happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. What took me a lifetime of learning the old fashioned hard way can now be utilized as a plan of what not to do. – You are in the right place for handicapping data, and I would give it a look. Winning Ponies posts everything in real time and displays their E-Z Win Selections and how they fared as soon as the race is official. Good or bad, they put them up for you to see for yourself. They want you to have every edge possible, and if you decide to take part late in the day. No problem. You are ONLY charged for the races you use. Many data providers put out info 72 hours in advance and tell you who to play. Winning Ponies helps you see the race and how it shapes up, and then shows you how you to use the data to your advantage. – It can be used by the first time player, or the hardcore punter. I think you’ll find it a valuable tool when handicapping, and take it from me. I have seen about every source under the sun. Very few put out how they are doing, or they snow you down with numbers. Winning Ponies uses a color-coded design to make it easy to read, and more importantly easy to use. – I’m going to put out some free selections for the weekend using the E-Z Win Forms. Be sure and check back, as there is nothing like a getting a little something on the house to get your day started on the right foot.