Snow Day – No School

by Ed Meyer

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Remember the sweet words as they scrolled across our television screens ? – It was like Christmas all over again, and who cared if we had to make up the days in late May or June. We’re off now, and we’ll pay up later when the sun is shining. – All sounded good until that sunny day with 78 degrees arrived and we had to hit the books. – Pay me now or pay me later. – If I have my choice, I’ll take it on the chin now and move forward. – As Mother Nature had me trapped in the house with a teenager itching to get out and be with friends, I found an outlet that only I could enjoy. – I decided to take the snow days and turn them into a place parlay that was going to allow me to fire away at the weekend. – As I sipped my hot chocolate and listened to my son talk about getting out. I found the solitude to be an excellent opportunity.


I had $200 burning a hole in my pocket and decided it was time to start a run of sorts. – My plan was to make four play parlay moves if all goes according to plan. This weekend was going to be a sweet surprise. – Here is my last few days hunkered around my computer screen.


Monday had me thinking about Oaklawn Park. -Tough oval to handicap, and if you hit you’ll get paid.


Race #4#2 – It was a $7,500 claiming event that had the top tier selection flying the “Has Improved and Dropping in Class” icons. – I wagered $50 to place, and the top selection ran second and paid = $4.20 for a total of $105. – Not a bad start for the day.


Race #9#2A Mdn Sp Wt event where the top selection had the services of Ramon Vasquez, and owned the “1st Time Starter, and Monster Workout” icons. – He finished in the place spot to the second tier selection and paid $4.80. – I bet $105 to place for a sweet payoff of $252.00.




I was looking forward to some better ovals, but Ma Nature was exacting revenge for a quiet winter.


For me it all came down to a little chalk on this day, and there can be nothing like a few short prices to keep the ball rolling at Tampa Bay Downs.


Race #6 – #10O.C. $75,000 – The top tier selection was (3-1) on the ML, and she owned the “Moving up in Class, and Monster Workout” icons. – The work was a bullet and getting extra time over the deep surface was good as gold. – I wagered the entire $252 to place, and she finished second to the other top tier selection, and paid a solid $3.80. – The bankroll now stood at $478.80.


Race #7 – #7 – A $23,000 Alownace event – They were travelling on the turf, and Jose Lezcano was aboard a nice runner for Shug McGaughey. – This son of Bernardini had the “Moving up in Class, and Blinkers On” icons in this race. – Things just all seemed to be coming together, and I was going to make one final wager for the day. – I bet $478 to place on the top tier selection, and he won and paid $2.80 to place. – The bankroll that started with a $50 bill now stood at $669.20.


I started with $150 and only had to use $50. – My winnings totaled $669.20 plus my $150 left over from my initial investment that weren’t used. – With $819.20 in my account I found myself taking a day or so off to get ready for the weekend. – There were times when I would press my luck and sometimes I would find myself losing back some of my winnings. – The top tier selections were good to me, and now there is a sweet bankroll that started at $50 and has swelled to $819.20. – Pretty good for a few snow days trapped at home. Can’t wait for the weekend, and I’ll take out my initial investment of $150 and use the $669.20 bankroll to start the day. – Nothing like betting with house money, and this seemed like a plan. – Be sure to download your E-Z Win Forms for the weekend as we hope to be hearing about your big win. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !