Hey, How You Doing ?

If it has the ring of a Sopranos’ episode or any other mob movie, you’re right on key. You can even toss in some episodes of Friends. But I digress. – Maybe it would be more appropriate to borrow a line from the Big Lebowski / Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. – “I just checked in to see what condition your condition was in.” – How’s 2016 been treating you ? – Good ? Bad ? Yet to pull the trigger ? – No matter the news, there is plenty of time to keep rolling if you’re hot, or tweak a few things and get back on the rails.


For me, things have been slow moving. – This time of year I find myself watching and starting slowly to find my gear. If there is one winner you’ll always get right, I’ll pick up the bit and take off running when the real races begin. – That time is now, and it seems like every weekend leaves me wanting more. No worries, the marquee races are heading our way and you’ll have a definitive list of real runners to build your stash. – I’ve spent plenty of time on the Winning Ponies site watching the replays. – You don’t have to run around looking or waste time going back and forth on your account wagering. – Winning Ponies has ALL of the major prep races that make their way to the Kentucky Derby / Oaks. – You’ll want to make sure you utilize this tool as there is nothing like getting that visual image in your noggin before you start capping.


I took a good look at the report card for Winning Ponies for the first two months of the year, and the E-Z Win Selections have paid out over $1,802,056 in exotic payoffs. – As I write this entry, WP nailed a $1,941.60 / $1 superfecta in the 5th race at Louisiana Downs today. – Winning Ponies puts up the complete results in real time. As soon as the race goes official, you’ll see the payoffs and how the E-Z Win Selections fared for that race. – To my knowledge, there aren’t many if any that put it right there for you to see. Many tell you about the big winning day after the fact, but you can follow along with WP and see for yourself how the E-Z Win Forms are doing in real time. – If you decide to get involved later in the day once the card has started, you’ll only be charged for the races used. Most sites charge the same price in advance, or with one race remaining. – This allows you to be in charge. Work has you stuck, or you didn’t like the early part of the card ? – No problem. Winning Ponies has you covered.


Have you been doing your reading ? – Ok, it does get a little daunting at times. Just check in with Winning Ponies to see all the news that players want to read, free E-Z Win Form selections, blogs, and stories about the greatest pari-mutuel game in the world. – Be sure to join us every Thursday evening 8 pm EST for the Winning Ponies Internet Radio Show. – John Englehardt will be talking horses with the biggest and brightest our sport has to offer. Always a good source of up-to-the-minute information, and if you can’t join in live. You can always go back and catch the complete list of shows on podcast. – Winning Ponies strives to be your one-stop-shop for everything racing. You can waste valuable time jumping from one site to another. Winning Ponies wants to bring it all to you in one handy location so you can spend your time getting prepared to handicap. – So, how’s your year starting off ? If you’re doing great we wish you continued success, and keep checking back for the best in racing information. If you haven’t kicked off 2016 in top fashion, it’s only two months old and be sure to make Winning Ponies your one-stop-shop for racing. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !